Happy Batman Day!


When I was a kid [growing up in the early 90s], I remember only relating to one superhero: Spider-Man. I was weak, ‘wimpy’ and even picked on constantly. Things like this made Spider-Man even more relatable – to this day, he is still my favorite hero of all time..but maybe not my only favorite.

It took until my late teens to realize I have to broaden my super-human love; and give all of them a chance, even if I was and still can be: a Marvel fan boy. Only one other hero took to my attention as much as Spider-Man did, and he isn’t even really ‘super-human’ : this man – is Bruce Wayne: none other than The [Goddamn] Batman !

now clearly, Batman has been around longer than the Web Slinger [a total 75 years now to be exact]; and to commemorate Batman‘s [fucking huge] fan base, DC Comics has done something no other comic company [to my knowledge anyway..] has: DC Entertainment has dubbed July 23rd, 2014 ‘International Batman Day’.. interested yet? Keep reading!

to celebrate everyone’s favorite Dark Knight, DC Entertainment is going so far as to provide comic book stores everywhere access to a huge amount of collectibles including [but not limited to] a Batman 75th anniversary cape, bookmarks, must read Batman graphic novels and four Batman masks designed by comic book artist Ryan Sook — these masks show how Batman‘s costume has changed — especially over the course of 75 years! if this isn’t awesome, I must have missed something big!

Unfortunately, I’m caught working tonight so I can’t find my way to a comic book store to celebrate The Caped Crusader. but if you have the time, you should definitely check out a store near you! if you like super heroes as much as me, or even just the character of Batman; get yourself to a comic book store, and celebrate‘International Batman Day by buying a cape, maybe a bit of ‘light reading’, wear a ton of black, and generally just feel [goddamn] proud! because let’s face the facts: a hero only turns 75 once!




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