underrated movie of the day: Behind The Mask: The Rise Of Leslie Vernon

When you think the term ‘horror icon’, who do you think of? Freddy? Jason? maybe even Michael Myers or Ash from Evil Dead? well, how would you react if I told you of another icon? someone no one has really heard of. He uses a farming scythe as a weapon, and loves an audience.. his name is Leslie Vernon: this guy – here.

Behind The Mask: The Rise Of Leslie Vernon is a special gem that found itself released on DVD in 2006 and was received with little to no reviews. Unfortunately for our friend Leslie, Many people didn’t ‘get’ what the film was trying to show and ultimately disregarded it as a whole. For the fans that did get it, it was perfection. Taking place in a world where Freddy, Jason [and probably Ash] exist, Vernon is an aspiring ‘villain’ who looks up to these characters. The film is a ‘mockumentary’ which plays out quite nicely for those watching, especially since sometimes – it’s left to the viewer to imagine what’s going to happen next. We even get shown [by Leslie, himself] how he sets up traps for his ‘victims’ and most importantly: why Cardio is so important for an aspiring killer! [can’t let those victims run loose!]

But the best part of this film isn’t that it’s a horror, not the fact that it’s a ‘mockumentary’; but the fact that there is so many familiar faces that appear in the film! From horror fan favorites like Kane Hodder, Zelda Rubinstein [RIP], and even Freddy himself – Robert Englund; this film is bound to attract the horror fan in all of us; that is what makes this film so damn special.

Unfortunately, the film ends on a cliffhanger. and although a sequel/prequel: aptly called Before The Mask: The Return Of Leslie Vernon has been planned [for almost 2 years now..] ,the writers/director is struggling to make ends meet to make it happen. There was a Kickstarter set up for it as well, but that closed when they only reached about 40% of the money they were hoping to get. The only real saving grace we have on Leslie‘s return is that Robert Englund has officially stated that he will be returning for it – regardless of it’s current situation.


cone on Leslie, come wreak havoc on the town once more..

So if you’re into horror, I strongly recommend this film. It’s also on Netflix so you have literally no excuse not to see it [unless of course, you don’t like horror] It’s fun, it has scary moments, and it has a lot of familiar faces! I guess only time will tell if we get to see Leslie go on another killing spree. Especially since it’s struggling to be made. I have strong hope that it’ll pull through, even it only lands on DVD/Blu-Ray; I just need more Leslie Vernon in my life.. The Rise Of Leslie Vernon made sure of that.

“they’re here!” [oh wait, wrong Zelda Rubinstein film..my bad]


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