JOURNAL #2: “you can’t take a picture of this: it’s already gone.”

because clocks and spirals mean ‘time travel’, right?

If you could go back in time to when you were 8 years old to have a conversation with yourself – what would you say? What could you say? Would you tell yourself what kind of job you’re doing now? Or maybe even talk about what inspires you as a person. I constantly find myself toying with the idea of talking to my former/younger self, just to see what kind of person I was. I feel like I would probably tell myself that “things will get better” or even “that girl you’re going to meet in 6 years? yeah, she isn’t worth getting upset over – remember, time heals everything.” But consider this, what if you could, right now, go back in time: would you do it? Where would you take ‘yourself’ to sit and talk: a coffee shop? or even a fancy restaurant to show how rich you’ve become over the years?

I can only assume this would be my ride to 14 years ago [when I was 8]

I would also bring up the fact that I should let the bullies get me down, because I don’t deserve that kind of pain: especially the way it made me feel. [kids are mean, I can attest to that.] It would probably freak me out too, I mean – I freaked out watching SIGNS..y’know, that Mel Gibson movie with the aliens. anyway, moving on. I don’t know what it was that inspired me to think of this, but apparently I’ve been thinking about for a while now.. It really doesn’t help that I’ve been watching more and more science fiction films lately. I blame Stephanie for this because we [finally] watched Star Trek: Into Darkness and has been all Sci-Fi crazy lately..

Unfortunately, unless I missed a huge breakthrough in science [or I just wasn’t paying that much attention in Science Class in high school] It seems we’re not going back in time, judging by this article on Discovery‘s website. In the end though, it’s still fun to imagine what I would talk about or what I would think if I saw myself as a kid – seeing pictures is weird enough.

So what about you? If you could go back in time and see yourself as a kid, what would you talk about: the weather? how technology has changed? Or more importantly, if you could go back in time to see your younger self, would you do it? let me know in a comment or two. Be sure to join me on my next post which should be written and uploaded by tonight at the latest.


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