here comes the bride

[before I begin, I just want to congratulate Jason & Justine on their marriage today, seriously guys: I’m so freaking proud of you guys!]

If it wasn’t for today, I could say that I hadn’t been to enough weddings to say I ‘get’ the whole idea. [as a non-religious person] the whole idea of doing everything in a church ‘within the eyes of God’ is something I’m not overly used to. before anyone asks; I bring up the topic of marriage in this post because I witnessed a friend get married today —and it wasn’t until today I caught myself realizing that this will be what I will be going through next year — on October 31st, 2015

While Stephanie and I have talked about our ideas for our big day, we really have no idea where to begin, which I guess we should get started on. [we have a small list of friends and family we want to be present on the actual day..if that counts?] I never really realized that I am growing up.. I know I am in the literal sense, but before the wedding we witnessed today — I never let it ‘sink in’ that in a years time; that’ll be me up on that pedestal: waiting for my bride-to-be.

I guess I’m just not used to the idea of knowing that I will be a married man sooner than later, it’s just something I don’t often think of — which when I think about it, maybe I should. The very idea of marriage used to make me nervous, especially since I used to be the one thinking that I never would get married someday. But with Stephanie by my side, I feel fucking invincible, she’s my everything and more. I’m confident that I found my one and only, and I couldn’t be happier. Bring on Halloween 2015, because that will be the defining moment of my adult life. I know this post is fairly short compared to most of the others, but I just really wanted this off my chest.

It’s probably the most ‘adult’ thing I’ve ever thought – at least for now..



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