the 30 question horror movie challenge: Part 1

When I was younger, I went on sites such as Quizilla [which to my surprise, is still up and running] hoping I’d find out answers to life’s many questions: some of these questions include “which Power Ranger are you most like?” or “what color represents your soul?” Although now I feel like most of these questionnaires are just garbage, I remember also seeing ‘challenges’. You know which ones I’m talking about, things like “the 30 day photo challenge” or “daily food” challenge. In my adventures stumbling across the internet, I’ve come across a challenge that fits me perfectly: “The 30 question horror movie challenge” . Due to the fact that it has a grand total of 30 questions, this post will have to be done in 3 Part. In this ‘Part 1″, I will be answering questions #1 through #10.

Obviously, considering the nature of this challenge; at times, horrific pictures will be used. also, fully expect spoilers [in both word and picture format] so read ahead at your own risk – So without waiting any longer, let’s get on with question #1:

Question 1 – your first horror movie:

Signs is the first horror [technically “Sci-Fi” but moving on..] film I remember seeing when I was a kid, and it scared the hell out of me. [I must have been at least 11] I remember seeing these fuckers and thinking that it was the end of days – that I was not going to survive the rest of the night.

Question 2 – the last horror movie you saw in the theater:

Oculus was a strange film. it had Karen Gillan in it [and in no way is this a bad thing] and it involved a mirror. Some really fucked up things happen, including biting into a light bulb. Read my full thoughts on it here.

Question 3 – favorite classic horror movie:

A Nightmare On Elm Street counts as ‘classic’, right? fuck it; I’m using it as my choice. while I will admit the films got extremely cheesy as they went on, they are some of my favorites, and nothing will change that fact.

Question 4 – a horror movie you thought you’d love and didn’t:

Chillerama seemed like my kind of film: it’s a throw back to old B-rated horror flicks that would generally be seen at a drive in movie theater. [which is where the film takes place] Unfortunately, it fell extremely short of what I hoped. it has some pretty strange segments – and not in a good way – such as a killer sperm [I wish I was kidding about this one..] or even the classic ‘Franken-Jew’. I really wish I could stand proud and say I enjoyed this film.. cause in the end – I didn’t.

Question 4 – favorite horror remake:

I’ve said it before, I’m gonna say it again – I was really worried about Evil Dead being remade. but after seeing it in theaters [I watched it today, in fact], I was in awe with how wrong I was ab out how they were going to ‘ruin the original’.

Question 5 – favorite vampire movie:

I’m not even going to explain the film Thirst to you – just go and watch it.. if you can stomach it. and don’t expect it to be like a certain other teen vampire flick, cause it totally isn’t. Read my spoiler filled review of it here.

Question 6 – a horror movie you think no one has seen:

I’ve mentioned it before, I’ll mention it over a million timeswatch Behind The Mask: The Rise Of Leslie Vernon! It should be a staple on every horror fan’s list: seriously though.

Question 7 – favorite foreign horror:

Like most foreign films, it’s best if I don’t explain the movie; but rather, you just watch it. I Saw The Devil however, is fucking brutal – and takes a strong stomach. watch it at your own discretion. Some covered topics in this film are: bodily dismemberment, death, cannibalism – just to name a few. if you think you can handle it, I Saw The Devil is on Netflix; just don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Question 8 – favorite supernatural horror movie:

yet another horror film from my childhood: Poltergeist. Even the title of the film shows that it’s a supernatural film. It deals with demons, ghosts – even a creepy television that leads to another dimension! Usually, I’d make a bad joke here, but when I was younger, this was the real deal. [there’s even a remake being made; because, you know, of course there is.]

Question 10 – horror movie every one loves but you don’t:

now I may be alone on this but almost everyone I talk to brings up their strong love for The Blair Witch Project. I’ve seen the film – more than once in fact – and I don’t see the appeal. I mean, sure it’s a ‘found footage film’ and it has horror aspects, but I just found it bland and boring. I heard about the fact that there’s even a 2nd one as well? it’s just not for me.


So there’s Part 1 [of 3] of “the 30 question horror movie challenge” . With 10 questions down, we have 20 more to go. Join me tomorrow morning when I tackle questions #11 through #20.



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