the 30 question horror movie challenge: Part 2

Here we are at Part 2 [out of 3] of the horror movie challenge. I won’t bore you with boring introductions so let’s just get right down to it. If you missed Part 1, you can read it here. As always, there is potential for spoilers in both words and pictures. Starting with #11 starting right after the jump!

Question 11 – favorite horror-comedy:

when I think “horror-comedy” I think of either Dead Alive or Shaun Of The Dead . However, as much as Dead Alive is a cult classic – so is Shaun Of The Dead, and I fucking love Simon Pegg.. So we have our winner.

Question 12 – your most disturbing horror film:

While I could mention such titles as The Human Centipede or A Serbian Film I opted for one that I find truly disturbing: Audition. If you haven’t seen this Korean classic, do it at your earliest convenience ! you won’t be disappointed!

Question 13 – favorite zombie movie:

I feel like I, personally, have seen a lot of zombie films: both good and bad. Although there are quite a few I could mention, the only real answer I have for ‘best zombie film’ is clearly: Dawn Of The Dead [1979].

Question 14 – favorite indie horror movie:

It’s funny, it’s gory and it has 2 sequels: Hatchet is fucking awesome. With little to no CGI; this film is a must watch. Check it out, and keep an eye open for familiar faces from other horror films!

Question 15 – favorite monster movie:

I originally had another choice for this question but I noticed I could use it in another question: so for this one, I’m going with my ultimate monster film: The Monster Squad! It had Wolfman, Frankenstein, Dracula, a Mummy, even a Fishman!

Question 16 – horror film with a great soundtrack:

This one may be a cop out, since everyone probably uses this choice but Psycho had an amazing soundtrack: still gives me chills to this day.

Question 17 – favorite 80’s horror:

as well as standing as one of my favorite films of all time, The Evil Dead is one of the best made horrors from the 80’s. It even features a young, chiseled, Bruce Campbell! as a straight man – I can’t deny my jealousy of his utter manliness.. [just look at the chin though!]

Question 18 – favorite horror movie filmed in black and white:

I was initially going to use this choice as ‘my favorite monster movie’, but after noticing the ‘black and white’ question: I decided to put it here. Frankenstein is such a classic film, he’s my favorite movie [and literary] monster and deserves this spot.

Question 19 – best use of gore in a horror movie: [NSFW]

I may be in the minority here, but I actually enjoyed the Hostel films [except the third one..we don’t talk about that crap]. They were ‘torture-porn’, I’ll admit – but they were different than anything we had on the film market at it’s time. for best use of gore, I’ll use this scene [forgive me for the terrible video quality] from Hostel: Part 2 . [please be aware this scene is 18+ and extremely violent. watch at your own risk – NSFW]

Question 20 – favorite horror character:

Although I first saw him in The Evil Dead [as I mentioned above in Question 17], I only started to really like the character of Ash when we saw him in Army Of Darkness. He was just the perfect amount of hero and asshole – and I love him for that exact reason.

Holy Crap! we’ve already done 20 questions! If you enjoy this kind of post, let me know in a comment; maybe I’ll do them more often. However, before anything – join me tomorrow for the finale: Part 3! In tomorrow’s post, I will be completing the challenge by answering Questions #21 all the way through to #30.



  1. I recently have re-watched the hostel films (not the third) and i was shocked how good they were, i thought ‘torture porn’ but i really think they are psychological horrors as you don’t actually see any torture happening everything i off camera and makes you think how horrific it actually is.


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