the 30 question horror movie challenge: Part 3

if you couldn’t already tell; I just really like skulls.

So here we are, at the finale of the 30 question horror movie challenge: to finish this challenge in this post, I will be answering questions 21 through 30. As with the last two Parts, there will be spoilers, so take this as your warning. [and if necessary, you can always revisit Part 1 and Part 2]


Question 21 – best horror franchise:

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: the Nightmare On Elm Street films are my absolute favorite of any franchise. I could throw any of the films on[except that shitty remake] and not be bored with watching it!

Question 22 – best death scene:

special thanks to the creator of this unsettling GIF!

While I could choose pretty well any death scene from Hatchet, [especially cause of the lack of CGI!] this one usually comes to mind; especially with it’s intensity.

Question 23 – a great quote from a horror movie:

Before he becomes one of the dead, the Priest in the film Dead Alive says my favorite quote of anything, ever. Simply put: “I KICK ASS FOR THE LORD!”

Question 24 – horror movie character that describes you:

Going back to Dead Alive again, I fully feel like Lionel [above] in his situation against the zombies. He’s awkward, weird, and just plain awesome. [can you think of anyone else who uses a lawnmower on zombies? didn’t think so.]

Question 25 – favorite Christmas/Holiday horror movie:

This question was actually a lot harder than I thought it would be [I can think of tons of holiday themed horror]. I then realized the answer was obvious: Trick ‘r Treat! [and we’re getting a long deserved sequel!!] Oh, and Anna Paquin plays a really hot werewolf in this film, so there’s that too.

Question 26 – horror movie for someone who doesn’t like horror:

While technically not a movie, [yet – it’s in development! I’m so stoked] Goosebumps was one of the few shows that helped push me into the horror genre. Although, that fucking ventriloquist dummy scared the hell out of me.. still kinda does. damn you and your face Slappy..


Question 27 – your guilty pleasure horror movie:

Stay Alive was highly regarded as ‘the film that could have been so much more’. While I agree, [I did expect a lot more from it] it was actually supposed to be more ‘violent and scarier’, but went through complications and we ultimately got this ‘meh’ of a movie. Either way, [as a gamer, myself] I will always have a special place in my heart for it.

Question 28 – horror film you’d like to see remade/rebooted:

Even though this film is in itself a remake of an old Hammer film, I’d love to see what Hollywood could do with another remake/reboot of Thir13en Ghosts.

Question 29 – worst horror movie:

this isn’t ‘different’ or ‘unique’ .. it’s just dumb.

thought I was going to say Troll 2, didn’t you? nope. I give you worse [somehow, that’s possible..] than that could ever be: The Gingerdead Man.. oh, he’s also played by Gary Busey; you know.. because of course he is. this isn’t a case of ‘so bad, it’s good’ – it’s more like a case of ‘so bad.. it’s fucking terrible‘.

Question 30 – your favorite all time horror movie [or one of]:

I’ve already mentioned in other Parts of this challenge some of my favorite horror films, so for this final question: I’ve added yet another favorite: this time, it’s none other than the film known as THE LOVED ONES. This film is insanely brutal, intense, gritty..and I love every second of it.

and on that note, that leaves all the questions complete! I actually find myself enjoying these kind of ‘challenges’ [they make you think about the films you’ve watched]. If you ever wanted to, feel free to do the challenge yourself – the ‘questions’ are above each and every picture. As I mentioned at the start of this post, as of tomorrow; I will be back to regular posts.


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