film study: CGI in horror. — good or bad thing??

behind the scenes of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

as someone who has seen his fair share of horror films, there’s almost always a case of bad CGI in use. even if is only a lite bit.. But is it always as terrible as people claim? not always. allow me to give my two cents on the topic in this film study.

CGI — better known as Computer Generated Image — is something I tend to look into first when it comes to movies, particularly horror. I believe in using practical effects as much as possible and although CGI can help where practicality can’t, it seems fairly over used in horror cinema; which sometimes ends in the final product looking choppy or even sloppy at times. Take a look at films such as the Hatchet trilogy: all the death sequences were done practically with prosthetics, makeup and buckets of fake blood![thanks to Adam Green‘s strict NO CGI rule!] and while I’ll admit, it did make the movie feel slightly campy, it made the film even more enjoyable.

Of course, there’s also the flip side to that coin — bad CGI.. As I mentioned above, although it helps a lot of the time, sometimes; the finished product looks pretty terrible, and not at all realistic.


this just looks…bad.

look at this picture. Is there even a singular reason The Scorpion King can look this bad? It’s almost’s as if the animators thought this was better than nothing and just shrugged it off. I understand that based on the photo above, it’s pretty much impossible to do this practically; but jeez does he look rough; and not in a good way either. Maybe I’m being too tough on him, I mean, this film did come out in 2002.

conclusively, horror movies with tons of CGI usually find themselves getting a lot of flack, hell – even I make complaints when BIRDS are computer generated [I’m looking at you ‘Birdemic‘!!] but in the end, I’m not a film maker, but a film viewer; so I’ll leave my complains at the door. Join me on my next post tomorrow early evening. [I work at 8am to 4pm and doubt I’ll type something up at 6:30 am..] until that post though;



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