warrenisweird’s top 05 costumes coming Halloween 2014

As a huge horror fan, It’s no surprise that Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year – ever. If you’ve peered around warrenisweird, you’d even know that it’s the date that Stephanie and I plan to wed next year in 2015! However, it’s only August, and though I am also guilty of getting upset at Dollar stores having foam pumpkins out already [it’s little early, ain’t it?], I can’t help but smile knowing that my favorite time of the year is coming up faster and faster.

For that reason, I decided I should [at least]  start thinking about what costume I’m going to wear this year! [yes, I dress up still – I’m 22 years old; judge me not] While I could scavenge through the racks/shelves for a simple costume at Walmart at the last possible moment, I like the specialty costumes – like the things you’d find at Spirit Halloween or HalloweenCostumes.

Though it’s only for one night a year, I love how some stores [looking at you HalloweenCostumes] charge ridiculous prices; but for the quality – it makes a whole lot of sense. For this reason [and the fact that today marks 85 days until Halloween!] I have decided in this post to share my TOP 5 costumes for Halloween 2014! [starting after the jump!]

Starting off with a piece I’d love to get [if not for the price]: Frank from the cult classic Donnie Darko for only $114.99! Personally, I’d even just get the mask – cause that’s detailed as hell! If you’re feeling convinced – you can buy the “Frank The Bunny” costume here!

Assuming you read my Horror Challenge posts, you’d know that I’m not overly fond of both clowns and [sometimes] even aliens. This particular costume is probably the priciest piece I’m going to mention in this post- at a whopping $1,748.99 [and that doesn’t even include the shipping and handling!]  If you’re feeling like a billionaire – this “Alien Creeper” costume can be purchased here!

Definitely one of the more unique ideas I’ve seen – a “Zombie Panda”. [seriously, who thinks of these things?!] I would never even considered the idea of putting the two together.. but oddly enough; it works nicely. For only $178.99 you can become your very own Zombified Panda here!

Because no list could be complete without a “sexy skeleton”, right fellas? This falls into the cheapest costume on this list: probably because it doesn’t come as a huge jumpsuit or have 15 pieces to it. The “sexy skeleton” costume can be purchased here for the low price of $24.99!

Because why wouldn’t there be a female version of Chucky from Child’s Play? For those that are unaware, he is supposed to look like this: but at least this female version is ten [thousand] times more attractive! If you feel up to being a “Sexy Chucky” [I never thought I’d ever say that..] this year, you can buy the costume here for only $41.99!

and with Sexy Chucky [I really don’t like that term..], that makes five completely different costumes! I know many people will probably mention that I’m a little early with talking about Halloween but as far as I’m concerned; I’m allowed to be excited – especially for my favorite time of year! So now I turn to you, Do you still dress up for Halloween what kind of costume[s] are you going to wear? If you don’t know, what are some of your memorable costumes you have worn in the past? Let me know in a comment or two!


[also, I’d like to share that I made a Facebook page for warrenisweird, which can be found here, be sure to like the site over there as well! thanks everyone!]

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