ANNOUNCEMENT: warrenisweird is NOW on Facebook!

Please be aware, this post is probably going to feel relatively shorter than usual only because it’s just a quick announcement.. however, this is something I’ve been meaning to do since I started warrenisweirdmake a Facebook Page for it! the best way to find the page is by either following this l ink or even clicking the Facebook logo above! If you find yourself a fan of what I’m doing here on the blog, and you’re on Facebook [and really, who isn’t now a days?], go ahead and click that little ‘like’ and/or ‘follow’ button over there!!

By doing so, you’ll get access to the posts as soon as they are published, and sometimes even posts by other sites I feel that are interesting that I feel you’ll like too! I hope you’re enjoying what I’m doing here on warrenisweird and if you have friends and/or family who may enjoy some of the stuff I talk about – be sure to tell them about this site too! Thanks to everyone who already liked the warrenisweird Facebook page and an especially big thank you to the ones who ‘follow’ the site already through WordPress/Email.

It’s because of you guys that I continue to write on here; it’s one of my favorite things to do and I’m so damn thankful that there are actually people out there that enjoy my thoughts on things! I would have never believed it until I started doing this!

So I guess that’s pretty well it for this announcement – I’ve created a fan page on Facebook and if you like what I’m doing here on warrenisweird, be sure to ‘like’ the page over there too. It can be found at this link. thank you in advance and as always,


let's talk about it!

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