easter eggs — who put that there??

Putting an easter egg in a movie is a practice that supposedly began with the film Rocky Horror Picture Show. The story goes that the cast decided to have a good old fashioned Easter egg hunt during filming and some actors hid the eggs so well that they weren’t all found and ultimately, lead to some being visible during some of the movie’s scenes. [you learn something new everyday, right?]

Sometimes an easter egg is added as an homage, while other times it’s just for fun. Sometimes, it’s the director making a cameo, or even adding characters from their previous films. Companies like PIXAR and DISNEY are notorious for adding small secrets in their films – so long as you’ll take the time to look. [such as adding Mickey Mouse’s head into each Disney film]

In this post, I’m going to point out a few of my favorite easter eggs. due to the nature of what I’m about to show you, SPOILERS are certainly strong in this one so read ahead at your own discretion. When you’re ready, go on and read ahead!

Rob Zombie‘s The Haunted World Of el Superbeasto was an odd film: it featured a masked hero who fights Doctor Satan with his tough as nails sister. [seen above] to add to it’s weirdness – there was horny robots, a lot of sex, and a cameo from Captain Spaulding himself! [look out for Otis as well!] f you haven’t seen this film, check it out ASAP. just know it’s different from Zombie‘s usual stuff

chances are, if you’re a horror fan like myself, you’ve seen Evil Dead II: Dead By Dawn. It’s sort of a reboot of the classic The Evil Dead, with a nicer story/budget, and it lines up perfectly for Army Of Darkness to start. In the scene where Ash is getting his iconic chainsaw, look carefully at the wall. [or just look a the picture] Fans of The Nightmare On Elm Street franchise will recognize Freddy Krueger‘s glove, hanging beside the door – in all it’s glory.

Here’s an interesting one for all you foreign film enthusiasts — if you’ve seen the Norwegian film Dead Snøw, chances are you know what I’m about to mention. In the film, a group of nazi zombies terrorize a small collection of teenagers who have decided to spend their Easter holiday on the mountain. The easter egg, however, is through the character Erlend. [as seen above] as you can clearly see; Erlend is wearing a Braindead shirt. his death scene is closely reminiscent of how the first person dies in the film Braindead.

Through looking at easter eggs, I feel like we get a small glimpse into the mind of the director/writer of the film. We get to see nods to other films. I believe people will always find new hidden gems in movies, especially ones like these. what are some of your favorite easter eggs? did I miss some painfully obvious ones? obviously, I went the horror route, but that doesn’t mean you do too. Let me know in a comment or even over on Facebook!



  1. Hey, Warren – Just wanted to warn you you’ll see me drop off your readership list. I’m switching over to using Blog Lovin’ (gotta love that name), instead of using WP to follow folks. [I’ll be back later to read this post, promise.]


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