Halloween is coming: must be SAW, right?

There once was a time when Halloween marked the release a new addition to one of my favorite franchises of all time — SAW. [I miss those days..] the SAW series spanned over seven films, had two video games – based on what happened between the first two films [which I may return to as a topic] – and even boasts having their name in the Guinness Book Of World Records as “the most successful horror franchise of all time”. As a series, the seven SAW movies grossed a total of $874 million worldwide which is not that shabby for a horror series: especially one that dragged on so long!

Each SAW film upped the horrific gore factor of the one previous, and the more the series went on, the more disturbing the traps. From a cage with barbed wire to a ‘butterfly’ trap that ripped out someone’s organs; Jigsaw and his apprentices were pretty damn fucked up. Also, I’m sure I’m not alone, but I fucking hated Hoffman as a character. Sorry, someone had to say it – may as well be me since I’m talking about the films right now.

So why am I bringing up the SAW films? am I simply being nostalgic about a horror series I enjoy? or is there truly a method to my madness? If you enjoy[ed] the ‘torture porn’ that is SAW, keep reading [possible mild spoilers ahead]

As it turns out, Halloween 2014 marks the 10th anniversary of the first SAW film [doesn’t feel that long ago does it?] and to celebrate, Lionsgate is doing a little something special: the first SAW film: the one with Gordon and Adam, is actually being re-released to select theatres on Friday, October 31st. [technically starting on the Thursday – the 30th] It’s only going to be there for a week so if you’re planning on seeing it, [I know I am!] I suggest seeing it on Halloween: gives a better effect/tone to the film. I’m sure everyone has seen [or at least knows] the twist in SAW but come-on, we’re talking quality film making here!

However, if [somehow] you haven’t seen the SAW franchise yet, you’re in luck! To further help promote the first film being re-released, Lionsgate is actually also releasing a SAW: The COMPLETE Collection on Blu-Ray on September 23rd; and it’s even the unrated version of all seven films too as a nice bonus!

So do yourself a solid and go see SAW in theatres on October 31st, 2014. It’s going to be awesome, seeing a cult favorite on the big screen once again. Also, as I said already, [and you can see above] if you find yourself needing to play catch-up — pick up the Blu-Ray set when it hits shelves September 23rd, 2014: for what it is, it’s insanely cheap for all seven films! the only question remaining is:

do you want to play a game?



  1. ahahah! Thanks for letting me know, I’ve always kind of wanted to see these movies and now I’m definitely going to go on Halloween!


    1. :] do it up! the films did drag on for awhile but the story definitely kept itself strong! the original SAW film [which is the one going back to theatres] is fantastic! especially that flawlessly executed ending!! hope you enjoy it as much as I did in October! :]

      Liked by 1 person

    1. this is dope! I appreciate the nomination 😉 I’ll be sure to follow what your post says as soon as I’m on my laptop next [tomorrow morning at the latest as it’s my Sister’s birthday today!]


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