[ANOTHER] attempted murder blamed on Slender Man?

It’s been awhile since we heard of Slender Man, last we heard of him, he was to blame for the brutal stabbing of a teenage girl to “prove Slender Man‘s existence..” [who thankfully has recovered since] Unfortunately, it seems that the Slender Man has returned for more justice [in Florida, this time!] as he’s being blamed by a 14 year old girl for ‘making her’ burn down her family home — with her mother and 9 year old younger brother still sleeping inside!! [who both managed to escape the fire]

According to reports, she achieved this feat by soaking a bed sheet in rum and some bleach and then setting it ablaze in the garage. She then promptly fleeing the scene to a nearby park and was later found by authorities. The 14 year old also sent an apology text to her mother – stating she “didn’t know why she did it”. It started when the girl and her mother got into an argument over doing chores. [fucking really?!] She is being charged with one count of arson and two counts of murder.

As if all this wasn’t terrifying enough, when police found her journal, they found that she was obsessed with Slender Man, by reading about him [it is a “him”, right?] on the Creepypasta wiki, and even writing about the previous stabbings. The creepiest part is knowing she wrote “if this keeps up, there will be no safety in this house anymore.” in her journal.

For those that are unaware who Slender Man is, I’m going to try and explain it here [as described by the Creepypasta‘s main page] Before I begin this, I want to reiterate that The Slender Man is not real. He was created on a forum, even if people are claiming they’ve seen him.. Now, onto who/what Slender supposedly is. Slender Man is considered a paranormal figure who has been claimed to have been in existence for many centuries, covering a world-wide span. Most believers say that his appearances tie-in with many other legends around the world, including but limited to: Fear Dubh [which can mean ‘The Dark Man’] in Scotland, The Dutch’s Takkenmann [which roughly translates to ‘Branch Man’], and the German legend of Der Großmann/Der Grosse Mann [meaning ‘The Tall Man’] He is known almost exclusively for stealing children for his own sinister reasons, yet it unknown if he kills them or brings them to his “world”. He is almost always described as being tall and pale in figure, with a suit that strongly resembles Jack Skellington. It is also not known what he wants with our world, even though stories claim he’s been here for a long time.

I have to hand to Creepypasta for creating such a vile sounding creature, it just bothers me to know that some teenagers are going so far as to blame a fictional character for things they’ve done/plan to do: like this arsonist girl or the stabbings from before.

What do you think of all this? It just blows my mind to know this is still happening. I’m just thankful that the victims of each scenario are alive and well. It goes to show that the real world can be scarier than the movie world. and remember:



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