warrenisweird’s favorite movie collector’s items

whether it’s someone’s costume/outfit or someone’s weapon of choice, everyone has a something they want from a film. I know I have – more than once too! Luckily for us, there are stores and websites that specialize in this sort of thing – like one of my personal favorites: dapper cadaver selling horror props so real looking, you’d think you’re looking at a crime scene! [don’t expect them to be cheap though!]

Other times, it’s not just props, but there’s licensed collector’s items such as Grumpy Cat socks [which do in fact, exist] or a bed sheet set based on the film/series. This is most obvious in kid’s sets like the Star Wars one I have now, or the Pokémon one I had when I was younger. I very much doubt you’ll find a bed spread based on Evil Dead. [in the off chance you do find one, let me know and I’ll be buying that immediately!] in this post, I’m collecting [haha get it?] some [I say ‘some’ because I could probably go on forever] of my favorite props/collector’s items available for purchase. Check out these personal desires, after the jump!

Let’s start with one most people should recognize: the T Cell virus from Resident Evil. I’m a fairly large fan of the video game series but I felt that the movies were a slight let-down. The first two films [Resident Evil / Resident Evil: Apocalypse] were good for what they were, but that’s where they should have stopped — they stopped following the game’s storyline and rewrote their own. Although it makes sense, I wasn’t a really a fan. Oh well.. at least the prop looks cool?

This one isn’t so much a prop or a collector’s item, but more of a gag-gift. While it looks like a blood bag [that is the idea] it’s actually body wash! It’s designed to look and feel like actual thick blood, but washes off like any other normal body wash. The site even claims that it’s Norman Bates approved! that must count for something, right?

Probably my favoriteon this list is none other than this NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET toaster. I’ve seen it around the Internet a lot before, but that doesn’t stop me from raving about it! I have no ideas where it’s available [assuming it is..] but it even fucking cooks Krueger‘s face into the bread! I need this! I’d suggest this item for any Freddy Krueger fan.

Lastly, we have another from the Living Dead Dolls series. I already own one from SAW and A Nightmare On Elm Street, but they apparently also released some from The Devil’s Rejects/House Of 1000 Corpses! they also released some with Otis and Baby if you’re interested. I certainly am!

Choosing only four movie memorabilia items is hard. I didn’t think I’d struggle as much as I did finding some I liked. Unfortunately, collector’s items are called this because they aren’t cheap, or even easy to come by. At this rate, I’ll just wait til I win the lottery; which is as likely as me buying these items right now. [who knows? Maybe I’ll do a ‘five more props I want’ list!]


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