film study: who did it better? — HATCHET [2006] vs MIRRORS [2008]

Whether it’s about movies, sports, video games or pretty well anything, everyone has their own opinion on something; the only question is who agrees with them on that opinion. As always, we’re talking movies on warrenisweird but today is something I found a little special: in both the movies Hatchet and Mirrors there is a ‘jaw ripping’ death scene. While both are grotesque, [and fairly gory!] they both have their own “goods and bads” to them. in this edition of “who did it better?” we’re going to compare both scenes and I’ll give my final opinion of which one I personally prefer.. though my answer may be obvious! [also, if you like this idea of “who did it better?” posts, let me know in a comment! they could become a regular thing!] due to the nature of the topic at hand, spoilers are strongly implied.. so if you intend to see these movies, and haven’t yet — click away from this post. If you’re good for spoilers, let’s begin with the scenes!

Let’s start with Mirrors — as seen above. The film [which happens to be a remake of the classic Korean film “Into The Mirror“] follows an ex-cop [now working as a security guard] who becomes the target of an evil force that uses mirrors as a way to kill people. The scene in question happens when the ‘mirror demons’ get to the main character’s sister, who happens to get attacked [in this such way] while preparing to bathe. The ‘jaw rip’ is grotesque, bloody as hell, and somewhat terrifying in the sense of the shaking camera, invoking her pain — making the scene seem almost more gritty, and raw. I enjoyed Mirrors as a whole [I enjoyed it a lot more than most critics did anyway] this scene, in my opinion, was certainly a high point for us gore-hounds.

Now let’s switch to a film I know 100% more about: [and strongly recommend if you haven’t seen it already] Hatchet. this film follows a group of tourists that go on a New Orleans Swamp Tour, only to find out that the “ghost” from the ghost stories being told isn’t just a fairytale. This particular ‘jaw rip’ scene blew my mind when I first saw it on screen, it’s all done practically, [no CGI!] and you almost feel the pain — if only for a second — when the woman gets her mouth ripped open! What makes this scene so intense is the fact that the rip feels so real, and has an almost over-the-top feel to it; yet it just works so nicely, especially for the kind of film Hatchet [and it’s two sequels] becomes.

Both Hatchet and Mirrors were good films. they had their ups and downs but obviously I came into this post with my answer already set in stone: my personal favorite ‘jaw rip’ goes [easily] to Hatchet. It just has a better look to it, and it’s lack of CGI, which Mirrors had a lot of, [especially in the jaw rip scene..]just cemented my decision further. But that doesn’t mean that Mirrors was that bad of a film: it is still enjoyable, and sits on my DVD shelf along with Hatchet!

So which “jaw rip” did you enjoy most? the gritty and dirty realistic feeling Hatchet? or was it almost seeing Amy Smart naked in Mirrors rip her mouth open? [so close, yet so fucking far..] Let me know in a comment or two! Also, once again — if you enjoyed this comparison, let me know! If it becomes popular enough, maybe this will become a thing that happens more often!! [and if so, what scenes should I compare next?]


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