warrenisweird’s 05 favorite NON-horror films

Yesterday when I was typing up a [fairly short] review of one of my favorite films ever: Léon The Professional, I came to realize that not all the films I like are actually horror. In fact, it got me curious about what were some of my other film favorites that didn’t involve monsters or slasher type villains. I mean sure – Frankenstein, Dracula, Freddy Krueger, and even Victor Crowley [points to you if you know who I’m talking about!] are all great, but occasionally — a simple mafia man named Tony or a giant lizard; like in The Amazing Spider-Man can be just as scary as a vampire in tight clothing sparkling in the sun. Ugh, I regret making that reference.

That’s where this list comes in: although many of the films I watch/talk about are in the horror genre, there are actually quite a few that I enjoy that simply; aren’t. [most won’t be included in this list — that would take way too long] Another thing to be aware of is that although Léon The Professional should be on this list, I already talked about that film the other day [imagine it being a bonus in this list!] So here we begin with “warrenisweird’s 05 favorite non-horror films; at this moment in time”

Our first film is a little gem known as Little Miss Sunshine, and it’s quite the catch. It has girls from what looks like “toddlers and tiaras” and swearing Grandpas. It’s about young Olive, who wants to enter the national Little Miss Sunshine beauty Pageant — and her family’s mishaps all the way there. It’s one of those movies that is heart warming but that also kinda makes you sad by the end credits. That dance number finale though!

STAR WARS is an easy choice for this list. I won’t get too into it [should be obvious!] but It has everything I love in film, and more. It was one of the movie series that got me into sci-fi! Though, some may consider me in the lower class “fan base” because I actually [somewhat] enjoyed the prequels, at least for what they were.. Bring on Episode VII!

I actually brought the movie Super up when I was talking about celebrity crushes because of Ellen Page in it. It’s a quirky little film [which is on Netflix!] that has all sorts of familiar names: like Rainn Wilson and Kevin Bacon. any superhero with the battle cry “SHUT UP CRIME!” is fucking great in my books!

When people ask me what my favorite animated film is, I generally think of two: Spirited Away and the one made for this list — How To Train Your Dragon. I remember when I first saw How To Train Your Dragon and I was blown away by the quality in it’s story telling. It made me feel like a kid again, seeing a film that had that much of an impact on me. The sequel was easily as good, if not a little better [which is a rare case!], though I didn’t expect to be feeling on the verge of tears! It made me think one solitary thing: I want a dragon!

Lastly, we have another somewhat ‘unpopular’ opinion.. I loved the Watchmen graphic novel, it is one of my all time favorites, and deserves being near the top as the best graphic novel of all time. However, when Zack Snider made a movie based on Watchmen, I remember a lot of people not enjoying it. However, I was almost mesmerized by the visuals, the camera work, and the music chosen! It’s one [of many] of my favorite superhero films, Rorschach was fucking perfect, especially since I was worried about putting him on screen. But he was perfection and believable! I am still glad that Snider ditched the alien sequence at the end for the film though..

Obviously, as I said above, these aren’t the only non-horror films I enjoy: I could have mentioned Blade Runner, Avengers, Anchorman and/or a dozen other films. These are just the ones I currently enjoy the most. What are your favorite 05 films that aren’t horror? If you don’t even like horror, what are your 05 favorite films outside your favorite film genre. Let me know in a comment or two!


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