England rollercoaster hits a deer [meanwhile riders are splashed with blood!]

It seems I’m delayed on talking about this, but it’s definitely new information to me. It seems a few days ago, at a theme park called Lighwater Valley in Ripon, UK, there was an accident on one of the rides. The ride in question: known as “The Ultimate” [it’s actually one of the longest roller coasters in Europe] has been reported [by The Mirror] to have hit a deer at over 50mph after the poor animal mindlessly wandered onto the track..at the worst possible time. Now, the next picture I’m going to post involves blood, and remember, this is a real thing that has happened.

If that’s not enough, there were [obviously] patrons on the ride at the time of the incident, meaning as the deer crossed the track, the ride’s car[s] went zooming past, killing it instantly [and splashed everyone on board] Thankfully, no one was injured in any way, although the 1.5 mile ride had to be closed for half an hour while checks were carried out. Due to the instant death of the deer, it didn’t suffer by any means.

that’s gonna be hard to wash out.. sorry..

As it’s expected, a couple of visitors that were on the ride during the incident blood on their clothing, but no riders commented about the incident on the day other than to show concern for the fate of the [now dead] deer. As a horror fan, this certainly seems like something that would happen in a Final Destination film, specifically the third, except with a deer instead of a group of patrons.

What would you do in this situation? Freak out knowing your clothing is now stained with deer blood? find the whole thing hilarious, knowing that this sounds like a bad horror film? Or would you feel bad for the deer? Let me know in a comment or two, here or on Facebook. be sure to stay safe on these kinds of things – even if no one was hurt; safety measures are kind of important!


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