underrated movie of the day: Bubba Ho-Tep

20141005-093455.jpg DON’T FUCK WITH THE KING, BABY! When you hear the title BUBBA HO-TEP, what would you assume the movie is about? If you guessed Elvis Presley and John F Kennedy as elders, battling an ancient Mummy who wishes to eat the souls of everyone — you’re just too damn good at this! Or you’ve seen the film before.. To start our movie madness for October, [I’m a bit behind because of unforeseen situations..] I decided it’d be good to start with a campy, less scary favorite, and continue from there! According to Bubba Ho-Tep, the title is the name of an ancient Egyptian Mummy who has been resting for thousands of years; who just happens to reside in Texas. Also, Elvis and [an African American] JFK never died, but actually reside in a retirement home together. In fact, according to the film — the Elvis that actually died, was an impersonator who took over for the real King when life became to difficult to manage! Already sounds like ridiculousness, am I right? [and Bruce Campbell as Elvis? all of the yes!]

20141005-101529.jpg If the concept of the film wasn’t enough to grab your attention, just think of the memorable quotes the film has for you! From “what do I care? I got a growth on my pecker!” to the one in the picture above. [bonus: “they painted me this color!”] But if quotes and Bruce Campbell aren’t enough to satisfy you, [seriously, who gets tired of The King?!] allow me to introduce you to none other than Bubba Ho-Tep himself:

20141005-102332.jpg He’s creepy, he’s eerie, he’s..from Texas? His go to method of killing seniors is sucking out their souls — through their butts; seriously . He’s so different than most monsters, let alone mummies, because of his method.. He even leaves Egyptian writing [as graffiti!] on the bathroom stall walls, giving our unlikely heroes clues as to who’s next to be killed. Which is pretty damn hardcore, points to you Mr. Bubba Ho-Tep!

20141005-103254.jpg In short, this movie is totally recommended: with so much campy-ness, and just awesome cinematography, it’d be almost a shame not to bring it up. It has a ton of awesome quotes, and the acting is superb — especially from our two heroes and it was directed by the same guy who made the more recent movie John Dies At The End — which I still really need to see. There definitely needs to be more movies like Bubba Ho-Tep; cause it’s just all around fun!


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