warrenisweird’s TOP 05 monsters from “Cabin In The Woods”

I’ve said it on here before, I can say it a million times – I absolutely love the movie CABIN IN THE WOODS! It has monsters, it has comedy, it even has Thor [but not as Thor] as one of the mindless teenagers who gets himself into trouble. Being as it’s October, I figure there’s no better time to talk about one of my all time favorite monster-flicks, and talk about the monsters in it! The best part of the film is obviously with the  monsters during the scene with the elevators when all hell breaks loose. However, even based on the betting board [which can be seen in the post I made about the film herethere’s a lot of monsters in the film, almost too many to mention: and only then do they finally appear during the purging scene!

From Werewolves to Aliens to Goblins to fucking Unicorns, there are a ton of different types of beasts in this film. Hell, most of them are references to other films/monster flicks! In this post, I’m going to share my TOP 05 monsters in the film. You just may be surprised by who you see on this list. READ ON!

that’s…something else.

For the first one on this list, you can’t go wrong with some mutants. They have the look of the zombies from 28 Days Later don’t they? Even if they aren’t the absolute worst on this list, I’d hate to get caught by one of those guys – cause that’s just fucking gross..

what a beast..literally.

The Dragonbat was something I honestly didn’t expect to be shown, primarily because it wasn’t bet on during the whiteboard scene. However, when it does appear, it certainly pays off! It looks fucking amazing on-screen and I could only wish it got more screen time.

The thing about these Doctors is that they are clearly insane. they’re blood-splattered, they look like their skin has been removed, and they are just all around look disturbing. They aren’t shown for long, but they are seen relatively quickly, about to ‘operate’ on someone. Points for being creepy, guys!

Another monster that deserved more screen time were the dismemberment goblins! Seen only briefly during the ensuing chaos, they are seen for a split-second driving a cart around, while people are tying to escape. What makes them so special is [as seen above] there seems to be two types: a red one and a green one. Whether there is a difference or not, I suppose we’ll never know.

before you jump at me about how I despise clowns, give me a minute to explain why this one is on the list: This is a list about monsters, clowns give me the fucking creeps, and if you have seen the movie, you’ll know that this clown is invulnerable to bullets! If that’s not fucking terrifying, I don’t know what is. fuck this guy for scaring me!

Now that’s only five of the total count of monsters in this film. While I could have gone on forever, these are just some of the scarier beasts found in the movie Cabin In The Woods. Some honorable mentions can be found below [with pictures – click the name –  for reference]

Which was your favorite monster? Was it the Dragonbat? or was it even the Unicorn? Maybe your favorite wasn’t even listed! [I’m sorry if that’s the case!] Let me know in a comment or two, let’s talk about it! Join me tomorrow for my next post: this time, about a film not many people enjoyed: [but of course, I did..] 2012’s Sinister.


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  1. Cabin in the woods was actually a spectacular movie that involved so many genres in an obscure format. Cabin in the woods was hailed as a horror yet in involved aspects of a horror film, a stoner movie, a dirty teen comedy, romance and most of a science fiction. By the end of the movie it’s most recognized (by people who actually have a fully functioning brain) as a sci-go movie than anything else. Maybe it’s because that it’s because it’s praised as a horror film and “horror fans” watch it and are not shocked by the thrills that this movie has received lots of criticism but I love this movie because despite the scare thrill factor this movie actually exercises your brain. OUT


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