film study: was I the ONLY one who liked “Sinister”?

20141010-091147.jpg I remember when I saw the trailer for Sinister: I was annoyed to all hell that there was another haunting movie coming out. To make it feel worse than I already thought possible, it was produced by the guys that did Paranormal Activity — which I already felt were boring films to begin. [although, the first one was good, for what it was anyway..] Eventually Sinister went to theatres and I just let it slip by, I had absolutely no desire to watch it. Until my birthday later the following year. It’s common knowledge that 90% of the gifts I get during my birthday/Christmas are movies and/or horror memorabilia. One such film I got was Sinister from my father. [be aware, that my father fucking loves the Paranormal Activity/haunting films] I groaned, but it’s a horror film. Finally, Steph and I watched it, and was it not what I expected. [my FULL review of the film should be over on my Letterboxd account] 20141010-093329.jpg I was shocked by the fact that I was actually enjoying this movie, the camera angles, the creepy Buhguul, even the idea of kids killing their families? Although overdone, it felt unsettling; especially with each 8mm tape playing a more disturbed clip [someone even gets run over with a lawnmower in one!] I couldn’t wait to tell everyone about Sinister, and about how wrong I was about it!

Except people already knew; but the twist was that they disagreed with me. I remember when I worked at the theatre and people would come out complain about how “uneventful” the film felt, and the film wasn’t scary like it was told to be. Maybe these were just a few people, but even on my TV screen, it felt fucking insane! Maybe I just need to re-watch it. I know it’s up for a sequel so it couldn’t have been that bad, right? I mean, there has to be a sequel, the tapes were still in the attic by the end credits.. weren’t they?

kids are fucking creepy, am I right?

Ultimately, Sinister was not that bad of a film — I won’t go so far as to say it was the best movie of it’s year, but for a “haunting” film, it was fairly decent. [even iMDB gave it a 6.8/10, so that’s good..right?] Now I turn to you, the readers. Did you see Sinister? Was it really as bad as people thought? Or was it nail bitingly creepy? Lemme know in a comment, or even on Facebook here.



  1. My sister and I really enjoyed this film. Buughul is an awesome invention and the “snuff films” are incredibly realistic and disturbing (“Lawnwork” gets me every time). It relies heavily on jumpscares but they are done quite well. I don’t know how someone could prefer Paranormal Activity to this. Sure, there are plot holes and the pacing is slow, but the suspense is there so it works. Watching it alone late at night is a must. I give it a solid 8/10. It feels fresh and creeps long after the film ends.


    1. THANKYOUUUUU ! Seriously, everyone I try and talk to about the films [within this film] try and tell me they are super fake..which I totally disagree on ! It’s a definite classic that deserves it’s fans. Thanks for commenting!! 😀

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