ain’t nobody stuffing THIS turkey this ThanksKilling!

Being as I’m in Renfrew until Tuesday visiting Steph’s family for Thanksgiving, I felt that this was probably the absolute best time to talk about a certain little indie flick that really shouldn’t be taken too seriously: THANKSKILLING. It’s a quirky little film from 2009, and feels like that feels like it’s a TROMA film. It even spawned [not one, but] two sequels! really though, how many films have you heard of that say “warning: tits in the first second of the film” ? THANKSKILLINGis definitely something else, and deserves it’s cult following — it’s certainly the first film I’ve seen with a killer turkey, that’s for sure!

Filmed in less than 11 days, the film is [quite honestly] terrible, with next to no familiar actors, and little to no budget. It’s almost as if the directors set out to make the most “what the fuck” movie they could think of: and a homicidal turkey who says things like “gobble gobble motherfucker” certainly does the trick..

The film doesn’t really have a plot either; even iMDB has it as “six college students get axed by a homicidal turkey”, which sounds less than intimidating. As I said earlier, the film feels like something from TROMA; with extremely gory kills — even if they are a little cheesy. [okay, a lot of cheesy!] Believe it or not though, the sequel takes in space, and the third film came out only two years ago!

Ultimately, I’m not entirely sure if I can recommend this film; primarily because of how unique it is [and I use the term “unique” very lightly!] — I mean, it’s a fucking killer turkey! At least it takes place around this time of year? Be sure to share what you’re thankful this year, in this case; this mother-gobbling film! just make sure the turkey is actually dead; and not homicidal..


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