franchise favorites: Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

Almost everyone agrees that the original Nightmare On Elm Street movie was the best of the series — it was inventive, it had scares, it even had Johnny Depp as a young teen! However, I tend to fall out of that norm; although I really love the original film, I almost prefer the third installment in the Elm Street saga: Dream Warriors.

What makes this sequel so special to me is we get a new protégé to Nancy known as Kristen. She seems to have some sort of dream powers [stay with me here!] which she can use against our burnt villain: these powers are even shown to be strong enough to pull people into her dreams! But don’t take this to mean Nancy is gone for good though, she is a dream psychologist in the film; helping teens who have claimed to see a burnt man with a claw-like glove. [and Nancy is still just as hot as she always has been!]


Kristen in the Elm Street house.

The film delivers in more than just plot though, with creative deaths, [which is a definite plus, we’ll get back to those in 30seconds] awesome quotes [“WELCOME TO PRIME TIME, BITCH!”] — which some can be considered relevant today, and more quirky/obscure Freddy goodness!

While we’re on the topic of death-scenes, Dream Warriors has some of the best ones; as they’re both strange and bizarre to watch [yet, oddly satisfying!] some of these include a puppeteer getting killed off — like a marionette, or even a Dungeons and Dragons player — getting killed off as his “character”. Both of these deaths will be shown below:

I remember first seeing this scene and grinding my teeth because of the pain he experiences [okay, Phillip‘s face is kinda funny..] but I could almost feel my own arms hurting as his wrists essentially are ripped open. [okay, are ripped open] Like the strings to his marionettes, Freddy is shown “controlling” Phillip, leading him to a window; which he promptly falls out of.

Probably the more popular death-scene in the film — we see Will as his character in D&D, “The Wizard Master”. He’s shown [above] using magical abilities and he seems to be doing really well..until, as always, Freddy stops him dead in his tracks. -15 points for dying in-game.

With all that said and done though, Nightmare On Elm Street: Dream Warriors is a fucking great sequel — which doesn’t happen enough! with quotable parts from memorable characters, awesome scenes with Freddy, and even a “Dream Master” ! [points to you if you get that why I used those choice of words!]

So now onto more important matters, have you seen the original A Nightmare On Elm Street films? If so, which sequel was your favorite? [of course, this is assuming you preferred one over the original] if you can’t decide on a specific film, who was your favorite “Elm Street kid”? I will always side with Kincaid cause he’s hardcore as all hell — seriously!


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