have YOU heard about the “EVIL STICK” ?

because this is totally for kids…

If you’ve ever stepped foot inside a dollar store, chances are that you’ve  noticed that the things on sale are incredibly obscure – with the packaging usually not really having to do with what the product is intended for. [I’ve seen a palate swapped Samus [[from the Metroid games]] on a kid’s bow and arrow? Samus does not use a bow in the Metroid games..] That being said, “obscure” isn’t even the first word I’d use to describe what was recently found hidden in a dollar store toy..

It’s called the “Evil Stick”. It came up last week [November 6th, 2014] in Dayton, Ohio, but is only “going viral” everywhere lately. Originally published as a story about a wand called the “Evil Stick”,  a Dayton mother by the name Nicole Allen decided to buy her two year old daughter a pink princess-like wand from her local dollar store. the pink package of the “wand” had mentioned [quite literally on the package] that it would play “wonderful music.” the reality however, was that the simple looking wand was actually disguised as a fun children’s toy, but that’s not the worst of it..

When the button on the side of the toy is pressed, the “wand” doesn’t play the “wonderful music” it promised, but instead: it’ll actually play what some have claimed is a sound clip from Saw‘s Billy puppet, with his [signature] laugh and a flashing light revealing there to be a horrifying image in the wand’s foil faceplate. When Allen [the mother who initially bought the Evil Stick] peeled the foil off, she found what no mother should have to discover [especially since she bought this for her two year old..] she came across something that can only be described as a picture of a demonic child slitting her own wrists, [see the picture below] which obviously left her completely horrified and outraged. But most disturbing, is the dark and deeply enigmatic is the promise of “I can send out the luster of the beauty” [are they trying to say that all young girls are evil looking creatures?] which is found clearly written on the packaging’s back-side!

that face is fucking scary.

Another resident of the same Ohio town [Dayton] visited the exact same store and purchased an Evil Stick himself [in order to confirm these reports] He had found that only a few of those toys contained the image but, many did not: rather, that they featured a variety of different pictures, and only after he sorted through two racks of Evil Sticks did he actually find one with the same “cutting girl” image. If all this isn’t enough, the Evil Stick was found beside the dolls in the store, and when asked about it – the store owner said that if the buyers looked more carefully, they’d see that the product calls itself “Evil Stick” [as right as he ‘technically’ is, I still don’t like the idea behind this “girl’s toy”].. however, if it gets any more negativity, he’ll remove it from his store permanently.

Now maybe it’s just me, but it’s things like this that fucking aggravate me: knowing that people are willing to go so far as to do things like this. I mean, that mother was going to give this to her kid without a second thought. I know that if I have a daughter [in the future] I’m going to be checking everything I plan on getting her; cause this is just insanity. What do you think of the “Evil Stick”; Is it just some harmless fun? Or is it something that should be removed post-haste? I am appalled that something like this could even be sold!



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