Challenge #1: check out “13 SINS”

Like most horror fans, I have come to realize that there are a ton of “dark” movies on Netflix [their choice of words, not mine] and while most are either films I’ve already seen or just plain boring, I found something that could be considered a special little gem: 13 Sins. I had seen the trailer before, and was genuinely curious, but never got around to actually sitting down and watching the movie..until last night.

The film follows Elliot Brindle: a boring but likeable guy who has the worst luck imaginable— from getting fired, [while hoping for a promotion] to having hardly any income for his pregnant fiancée. [who his racist father despises] while driving home one evening, Elliot gets a weird call who offers him $1,000 to swat a fly that keeps buzzing in his car. True to the anonymous caller’s word, Elliot earns himself the money and the caller tells him if he completes just 12 more challenges [the “sins”], he will find himself to be a very rich man. The twist is though, if he accepts this “game”, he must complete each and every one of the 13 ‘sins’ or all the money he’s made up until that point will be lost.


“I’m telling you man, 13 Sins is fucking gold!”

The film follows Elliot‘s fall from quiet guy to mad-man with every challenge. It starts off easy enough, with eating the fly, [from earlier] but they slowly change into more twisted/fucked up “challenges”; making Elliot do things like make a child cry.. or even take a [dead] man out for coffee in a small frame of time. Of course, the cops are also after him [or are they?] so there’s that to consider as well! Eventually, our anonymous caller throws a twist in, one which has been in motion since the beginning of the film—we just weren’t told until the plot made sense of it: that all this time, there’s been another “player”; and if he/she completes all 13 challenges first, Elliot will lose everything. The ending is a jaw dropper [at least for me, it actually surprised me.. while others online said they totally expected it]

13 Sins is actually a really fun film, it’s has some great acting, [Ron Perlman even makes an appearance in the movie!] the story is beyond entertaining, and the lack of gore [very little to none] makes it somewhat more believable. By the end of the film, you wonder if there could be a sequel, since we learn that “The Game” has been going on for centuries! If you have the chance, give it a shot.. I give this a recommend; just because it’s an all around good time.


[wanna know what happens in this specific “challenge”? watch 13 Sins to find out!]


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