Hotel Transylvania 2’s “Vlad” finally surfaces!

Go ahead and say what will, but I actually really enjoyed 2012’s Hotel Transylvania. It was a family styled animation, that played off classic Hollywood Monsters; such as the Wolfman and Frankenstein. The film followed Dracula, [voiced perfectly by Adam Sandler] who runs a high-class resort far away from the world of humans,  who drives himself into overprotective father mode when a young human boy stumbles into the resort and falls for the Count’s teen daughter. Obviously, [like most family films] it ends on a high and happy note, with everyone getting along; including Dracula and Jonathan, [the human] even leaving some room for a sequel – and what a sequel we are getting! Without a trailer yet, the film is slated for release on September 25th, 2015.

Last week, [December 3rd, 2014] news broke loose that Oscar-, Tony-, Grammy– and Emmy– award winning writer, director, performer, composer and producer [sheesh! what a mouthful, am I right?] Mel Brooks will in fact, be in Hotel Transylvania 2.. and as Vlad, Dracula‘s father, none the less; some [but not many] pictures have surfaced online from the upcoming film including one of Mr. Brooks in the role of Vlad – the ancient, undead [and extremely] grumpy father to Sandler‘s Dracula character. If you haven’t heard about the film yet, the plot for the Hotel Transylvania 2 is as follows:

Dracula, Mavis, Jonathan the human and all of their monster friends are back in the brand new comedy adventure: when the old-old-old-fashioned vampire Vlad arrives at the hotel for an impromptu family get-together, the Hotel Transylvania is in for a comic collision of supernatural old-school and modern day cool.”

Mel Brooks – who takes on the role 40 years after writing/directing the horror-comedy classic Young Frankenstein – has said, “I’m having a wonderful time with the character Vlad. He’s been around for eons and he’s a pretty crabby guy. Basically, he reminds me of me.” If that doesn’t get you excited, check out our first look at Vlad in the screenshot below!

Hell, Vlad even looks like Mel Brooks [look at the above image, and then click here to compare the two] I’m just hoping that the second film is as fun as the first one, which it should be, with all it’s quirky humor: with Sandler being executive-producer on set. According to producer Michelle Murdocca, Jonathan found Dracula quite intimidating in the original Hotel Transylvania movie, [and the movie proves that really well] but by the time the sequel comes around, he’s really weirded out by Vlad. Murdocca mentioned how “He [Vlad] actually lives in a cave — he’s about as old school as it gets. So when he comes and sees that Dracula is running a hotel, he’s like, ‘What is going on here?’ ”

How do you feel about Mel Brooks joining the cast of Hotel Transylvania 2? More importantly, how do you feel about the idea of Vlad coming in this installment into [what could turn into] this franchise? Let me know in a comment or two! If you haven’t seen the first film yet, I strongly recommend it – it’s a strong family film with tons of humor, and horror references to even the classic monster films we all know and love!


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