FRIDAY FUN FACT: Poltergeist [1982]

Welcome back, and welcome to the second official Friday Fun Fact post here on warrenisweird! This time around, we’re keeping with the theme of classic films — a classic film that used to scare me like no other: Poltergeist. [although it’s now one of, if not, my favorite supernatural horror film] In fact, to this day, I still can’t look at that damn clown without cowering in fear; but that may have to do with my general fear of clowns.. That fear ruins a lot for me!

Poltergeist follows the Freelings, your typical suburban family. We have the husband, Steve, who sells real estate in their growing neighbourhood and Diane, his wife, who is a stay at home mom caring for their three kids: Dana, Robbie and the youngest — Carol Anne. But suddenly, strange things begin to happen in their house: such as cupboard doors opening and closing on their own, furniture move by itself and chairs go sliding across the kitchen floor. The family is a bit of sceptical at first but eventually these happenings become a big enough issue when Carol Anne disappears into a “nether world” where she can only be reached [well, “talked to”] through white noise on the television. When a team of paranormal investigators move into the house and claim that these forces are evil and very powerful, the family learn that they require the services of Tangina: a woman who has dealt with this sort of situation before..

20141218-224905.jpgbut did you know?

actress Heather O’Rourke, who played young Carol Anne, and Dominique Dunne, who played the teenage daughter Dana in the movie, are both buried in the same cemetery: Westwood Memorial Park in Los Angeles. Dunne was strangled into a brain-death by her boyfriend in 1982; which, scary enough, is the year of this film’s release. While only six years later, O’Rourke ended up dying of intestinal stenosis.. while we’re on the morbid topic of death, let’s talk about my personal favorite piece of trivia from the film: [which is also the most well known] remember the scene where Diane, the wife, is in the muddy waters and there’s skeletons surrounding her? [see below] The production crew actually decided to use real human skeletons because it was decided that it’d be cheaper to purchase and use them instead of cheaper, plastic bones! I mean, what the hell?20141218-231650.jpgAlright, let’s move onto our final piece of trivia that’s hopefully a little more light-hearted, eh? Something that doesn’t involve skeletons or murder: In the scene where Robbie is looking at the [fucking terrifying] clown doll, You can see a Darth Vader action figure case on the shelf behind him! [unfortunately, I couldn’t find a decent screenshot of this from Google, so unfortunately — we have to look at this monstrosity instead!]

Talk about the stuff of nightmares! I hope I’ve taught you something new about the movie Poltergeist, even if that “something” is that clowns are the spawn of the Devil! [just me? Okay…] be sure to follow me over on Facebook where I share all sorts of horror goodies [some of which, aren’t found on here!]


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