Michael Dougherty’s “Krampus” film gets THREE teaser cards!

heeeeeeeeeere’s Krampus!

Before I talk about the Dougherty‘s new anthology horror film, I think it’s best if I explain just what [the] Krampus truly is. c’mon guys! it a Christmas related demon-thing: it’s pretty damn relevant, right? So let us talk about this “Anti-Claus”, and then we’ll get into talking about the movie. hold on to your seats, this is going to be a fun, and dangerous, one!

According to German-speaking Alpine folklore, [the] Krampus is a horned, anthropomorphic figure. The traditional story behind Him is that [the] Krampus will punish children during the Christmas season who have been “naughty”. This is such a contrast with Saint Nicholas, who [in opposition to Krampus] will reward the “good” children with gifts. Some regions in the Austrian diaspora actually ‘believe’ in similar “Christmas demons” to the point where [the] Krampus is one of many partners to Saint Nicholas. Where the origin of the this “Anti-Claus” is unclear; but some folklorists have suggested that it started back in Pre-Christian times. Sometimes, there’s even parades in which young males dress themselves as [the] Krampus, during something called the Krampuslauf [the GermanKrampus run’], occur yearly in some Alpine villages; in fact, [the] Krampus is often featured on holiday cards which are called Krampuskarten – one of which, I’ve included below:

that’s..pretty damn terrifying.

Let’s move back to Michael Dougherty‘s film: not much is known about the film [no plot, or anything] other than the release date – which is December 5th, 2015. The film is simply being called Krampus“. and I am fucking stoked. Let me explain why – first off, the name Dougherty should sound familiar, as he’s most known for one of my favorite Halloween films: Trick ‘r Treat. already, that makes Krampus one of my most highly anticipated horror films of 2015! [don’t make me eat my words, Dougherty!] Add to that the fact that it’s his second holiday anthology: [Trick ‘r Treat was bad-ass!] Oh man, I’m totally excited. To get us excited for the film, Dougherty and Legendary Pictures [who are producing the film] have sent us, the fans, some season’s greetings.. in the form of three Krampus teaser Christmas cards.  [just like the Krampuskarten cards that we talked about earlier!] Seriously, they’re fantastic looking: check out these Krampuskarten for the film!



KRAMPUS_FACE_CARDMichael Dougherty has described his new film as a “twisted horror-comedy”, and that Krampus is [naturally] about our favorite holiday Beast who accompanies Saint Nicholas and makes it his business to punish the misbehaved children of the world..

How do you feel about Dougherty‘s new monster film? Is it going to be as fantastic as Trick ‘r Treat? Or is it going to be something more? Be sure to unleash your thoughts down in the comments! I’m for one, super excited for this film, I’m a big Krampus fan, and the fact that there will be a movie based around this Monster, I’m sold!

Be safe this Holiday season, and be sure to watch out for [the] Krampus!


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