FRIDAY FUN FACT: HALLOWEEN [1978] The Halloween season: it’s time for costumes, for candy..and even, death. Halloween is a definitive horror film from the late 70s/early 80s and it’s easily one of my favorites. It has that sort of fear-factor that’s hard to find in films today, especially for being on such a small budget at it’s time. Halloween spawned itself ten sequels, and that’s not including Halloween remake – and it’s sequel. I’m a fairly large fan of the first few installments in the series, particularly the third, which didn’t even feature Myers at all! Halloween III: Season Of The Witch, has an almost cult following for not “feeling like a Halloween movie” but I love it just the same. [if not more so] In fact, back on this past Halloween, I wrote about my love for it! Check that out over here.

The movie takes place on Halloween night in 1963, where 6 year old Michael Myers has just stabbed his sister to death. After sitting in a mental hospital for 15 years, Myers finally escapes and returns to his home town of Haddonfield to kill. For such a simple sounding horror film, who would have guessed that it’d scare fans everywhere, and get itself more films, and even get a remake or two?

but did you know?

Probably the most well known fact is that the film had a very small budget. So small, that the prop department was told they had to use the cheapest mask that they could find in a costume store: what they went with was from Star Trek‘s 1966 film. It was a William Shatner mask [which only costed the team two dollars!].. to add the creepy appeal to the face, the prop team had to spray paint the face white, teased the hell out of the hair, and reshaped the mask’s eye holes. Looking further into the change from a Star Trek mask to Killer mask, Shatner admitted that for the longest time, [years even!] he had no idea his face was used for this film. It took until an interview that someone brought up the fact that his mask was being used in the movie. Since learning of Myers‘ mask of choice, Shatner has stated that he is honored by the gesture. [to see the original mask before/after the spray paint and reshaping – click here!]

a fun piece of trivia you may not know is that P.J. Soles [above] went to a screening of the movie shortly after it was released, sitting amongst a regular audience. During her nude scene and line of “see anything you like?” – as seen above – a male audience member actually yelled out “hell yes I do!”, unaware that she was right behind him; in the audience. [she has since claimed that it “amused” her] click here for a more inappropriate version of the photo above. thanks to ancensored for that one! once again, NSFW warning.

[note: the screen shot below has been taken from an awesome short by Ariescope. This is not from the original scene in the 1978 film]

In Halloween, there’s a sudden fact that Michael Myers could drive a car despite him being committed to an asylum at such a young age. This, obviously, raised a lot of questions by fans, and theorists alike. The first movie’s novelization [which is incredibly rare to find] came up with a simple [but somewhat effective] explanation to how: when Doctor Loomis would drive Michael to sanity hearings over the course of his years at the asylum, Michael would simply watch closely and carefully as the Doctor operated the car. The idea behind this theory is that even if Michael sat in the back seat and there was a screen of bulletproof glass between the two of them, Myers could still technically look over the Doctor’s shoulder without Loomis realizing the significance of him doing so..

Halloween was a terrifying film when it first came out, and in many aspects, it still is. It captivated a fan base with over ten movies, and two remakes [with another film on the way!] and if you find yourself a fan of the series, and somehow don’t own them; Amazon has an awesome deal going on currently for the complete 10 film-series on Blu-Ray for just over $80! [plus shipping and handling] Check out this fantastic deal over here!


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