trailer thoughts: The Lazarus Effect [2015]

20150111-200951.jpg Every so often, there comes a time when a movie is released and you think you’re going to like it but something about it This year’s movie in question for me is none other than: The Lazarus Effect. Now, because all that we have is the trailer, I can’t explain everything from the movie, just because it hasn’t been released yet. [the following description is based on the movie trailer] The movie takes place in modern day with a couple medical students [including, but not limited to, the lovely Olivia Wilde] who have developed something they call ‘The Lazarus Serum’ which supposedly can bring the dead back to life. It seems simple enough, but the only test-subject thus far has been a dog — which worked, but had some strange side effects. When this “dog” goes haywire, it attacks Zoe [Olivia Wilde‘s character] and effectively kills her? Not willing to accept it, Zoe‘s boyfriend [who happens to be one of the other students] insists that the Serum be used on her cause “he just can’t lose her”. It works, but something about Zoe seems different.. 20150112-093012.jpg Through-out the trailer, flashes of “John 11” keep crawling across the screen so, after assuming it’s referencing the Bible, I looked into it: as it turns out, according to the King James Version of the Bible, John 11 marks the beginning of the telling of Lazarus, a man who has died but Jesus insists will be revived — regardless of how he died. This seems to shadow the movie in that the medical students are literally “playing God“. while The Lazarus Effect sounds [and based on the trailer, looks] like a half decent film, there’s one thing about it that concerns me — it’s being produced by the same people as the Paranormal Activity films. [which I must admit, I’m not an overly huge fan of] While this is just a trailer, I may end up seeing the film; just because.. [and Olivia Wilde, let’s be honest] The Lazarus Effect is slated to be released February 27, 2015. Check out the trailer below, and tell me what you think: does it look like it’s worth checking out — or is it just waste of everybody‘s time?


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