horror gaming: [coming soon] Friday The 13th: The Video Game [2015]

Whenever I write a “horror gaming” segment on here, I tend to choose games that have been released already, usually ones that have been around for a fair share of time. However, today’s edition changes that. Today, we’re going to be talking about a game that isn’t released yet, but still has enough of a grab on my attention: Friday The 13th. To give a slight back story, there hasn’t been a Friday The 13th game since LJN‘s NES game that was based on the 80’s movie. [if you really wanted to – you can actually play the classic NES game online here: just click “play now!” on the page] But if what I’ve read is true, this is all going to change this coming year..

According to Friday The 13th creator Sean S. Cunningham, a new game based on the film is in the process of being made by an “experienced game studio” that he left unnamed. He mentioned that this new game is slated to be released in October 2015, and that the best part of all this? Unlike the [not scary at all] NES game, this version of Friday The 13th: The Video Game is said to feature a team of “resourceful survivors” who will be going up against a “player-controlled” Jason Voorhees in an co-operative and/or competitive multiplayer environment! Talk about awesome

Based on the fact that it’s planned for October, the game seems to be planned to go along with with the upcoming Friday The 13th TV series – yeah, that’s a thing – and the newest installment in the film series Friday The 13th 2015[which is being released November 13th, 2015] Although the game hasn’t been “officially” announced to the world as of yet, The game looks like it’s going to be keeping with Jason‘s appeal, as proven by a piece of the game’s concept art which shows how the game is seemingly going to play out. This concept art though, kind of reminds me of the Left4Dead games somewhat, with it’s two “good guys” holding weapons in hiding, while Jasonplayer 1 – is lurking around the corner.. The thing I’m excited for is the fact that even Jason is controlled by a player – instead of the usual, and typical, computer controlled villain. It actually seems that horror games have been gaining attention lately, with games such as Dead Space, Slender, [don’t even get me started on that topic] F.E.A.R, – and the one I haven’t played yet, but need to pick up – The Evil Within; all being increasingly popular. I’m glad that this is a trend that’s picking up. I think a little fear is healthy – especially when it comes to video games. [agree? disagree? sound off in the comments!]

But enough about what I think. How do you feel about the idea of a new Friday The 13th game? Does it look like a horror fan’s dream game, or just something that is a senseless cash-in in the world of slasher films/games? Let me know in the comments! Also, warrenisweird is on Facebook, so check me out over there and smash that “like” button for exclusive news/trivia! There’s just one more question that remains: will you defeat Jason when the time arrives? Only one way to find out!

really?? that‘s what we get for beating the NES game? damn..


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