FRIDAY FUN FACT: Creepshow [1982]

Inspired by the E.C. Comics from the early 1950s, Creepshow was an anthology movie from 1982 by George A.Romero and Stephen King [already two big names in horror] who bring a few different tales of terror to our screens. These tales are expertly written and deserve awards on their own, let alone as an anthology film! These “shorts” are titled: “Father’s Day”, “The Crate”, “The Lonesome Death Of Jordy Verrill” [which stars King himself!], “Something To Tide You Over” and finally, “They’re Creeping Up On You!” To this day, the film is a gem among horror fans, and many people see it as a classic, including it’s sequel, “Creepshow 2“.. though we don’t talk of the third film. [it wasn’t even written/directed by Romero or even King!]

but did you know?

Ted Danson, who played the character of Harry Wentworth in “Something To Tide You Over“, said in an interview that his daughter was on set during the scene where his character returns from the dead encased in rotting flesh and seaweed. [see what that looked like here] He claimed that he’d purposely avoid his young daughter, out of fear of scaring her. Finally, and despite his best efforts, she saw and went up to him: and when she finally was face to face with her father, she simply said, “Oh, hi Dad!”

Why is there a picture of Greedo from Star Wars above this trivia piece? besides being fucking awesome, Stephen King reportedly carried one exact model of this action figure – which is worth a grand total of over $400. His reasoning? “good luck” on the movie. Leave it to Stephen King to carry a damn toy with him on set just because of luck! Greedo is pretty bad-ass though!

this last one is an important piece of trivia. In the first short, Father’s Day, There is an important to the story marble ashtray. But were you aware that it’s actually featured in all five of the film’s stories if you look closely enough? Let me elaborate; In Father’s Day, it’s obvious; as it’s shown to viewers multiple times and it plays an important role. In The Lonesome Death Of Jordy Verrill, it’s seen next to the cash box at The Department Of Meteors, when Jordy is trying to sell the fragment. During Something To Tide You Over it is seen on the nightstand next to Richard‘s bed. In The Crate, you can see it on the writing desk when Henry writes his letter to Wilma, and finally in They’re Creeping Up On You!, it’s directly beside the soap dish when Upson Pratt is washing his hands. As an added bonus, it’s also on Billy‘s [played by Stephen King‘s son, Joe] desk when he first starts stabbing the voodoo doll near the end of the film.

So there you have it, a ton of new trivia around one of my favorite anthologies of all time. In fact, it still stands the test of time – with a creep factor surpassing some horror movies from today! What trivia did you find the most interesting? Was it the marble ashtray? Or even learning about Stephen King‘s geeky side? Let me know in a comment or two below!


PS: please be aware that this is my last post before the move to the new apartment – therefore, there won’t be a new post until we get Internet back up and running..which could be up to a week.



  1. Thank you for sharing this post.

    I have always loved the film, minus the last segment. “The Crate” is my favorite story in the movie. The second film is fun, but the third, as you wrote, is not even worth mentioning. I thought it was terrible, and I was sorry I had wasted my time watching it.

    I knew about the first two pieces of trivia you wrote about, but I was unaware of the third, so I was happy to learn something new about the film that I had not known before reading your post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey, Robbin!

      I absolutely LOVE your response, especially mentioning how you ALSO felt how crappy the “third” Creepshow was. I’m actually super glad to know that someone ELSE knew about the Greedo toy that King had/has; cause not many people know about it! ;]

      Finally, I’m SO glad I could help teach someone something new : I used to ALWAYS think that something was familiar about each segment, just couldn’t figure what it was until I started noticing the details.

      Thank YOU for the comment!
      [PS: “THE CRATE” is GREAT..sorry about that pun]


      Liked by 1 person

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