the alternate EVIL DEAD [2013] ending that we DIDN’T get

First and foremost, welcome back. For those who follow warrenisweird on Facebook, you are probably already aware that last week was moving day for me. Naturally, this also includes no Wi-Fi for a bit; in this case – six whole days. [I’m totally not used to not having it] It’s been feeling super long without Internet so to occupy my time I’ve been playing the Playstation2, unpacking boxes [still] and working [two jobs] a lot. [I don’t even get a day off this week – I gotta get ready for work after typing this up!] However, now that the web is back at my disposal, I have something awesome to share with you: Let’s talk Evil Dead [2013]. It was a near perfect reboot [though technically a continuation] of the classic trilogy I hold so dear to my heart, and it has a ton of little easter-eggs and nods to the original film[s]. but, the catch that we’re talk about today is an ending – an alternate ending that never happened. Lemme explain..

look at the picture above: do you recognize it? I didn’t think so. It’s taken from a unused ending from the film, which was recently aired in the U.K! The description of this ALTERNATE ending goes as follows:

“Right after what we see in the film ends, Mia makes it out to the road. She’s obviously exhausted and covered in blood. She passes out. A truck with a farmer [who was supposed to be played by Bruce Campbell!] and his wife happen to come across her and they help her into the truck. She’s in the backseat, dazed and confused, as they’re headed to the hospital. Just as the farmer is explaining that she’ll be okay: BOOM! She opens her eyes – she’s clearly a Deadite, she smiles at the camera and the film cuts to black.”

I mean, that sounds fucking awesome! But do you feel the need to have something a little.. more? Thankfully, that’s why I’m here to help: I have video proof of not only this alternate ending, which shows Mia [played by the beautiful Jane Levy] – arm missing and all – on the side of the road begging for help, but also three other scenes which were removed from the final theatrical cut of EVIL DEAD. Check these videos out below, and please excuse the terrible TV-recorded quality! [and points to the original poster of the videos!]

The alternate ending:

deleted scene. part 1:

deleted scene. part 2:

deleted scene. part 3:

needless to say, it seems like these scenes are a hell of a lot more fleshed out, [pun fully intended] especially that ending! I find myself hoping for an extended version of the film to be released, or at the very least – a special edition of the film. Be sure to let me know in a comment or two how you feel about these alternate sequences! As I said above, expect more warrenisweird posts again in the near future, especially now that I officially have the Internet back in full !


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