hmcround2If there’s one guilty pleasure of mine on the internet, it’s challenges. [as seen in my original part 1 here, part 2 here, and part 3 over here] However, being as I haven’t watched many new films latelyshocker, I know – I can’t exactly write a new review on something I haven’t seen yet! So this is where this post comes in: [which will be broken into three parts again]  It’s a newer horror movie challenge – where I post the question asked, and then I respond with my own answers. Obviously, being an opinion piece, I don’t want to come across as the guy who claims his answer is more correct than anyone else’s, so feel free to argue points with me!

So without further ado, let’s move towards the first ten questions on the HORROR MOVIE CHALLENGE: Round two, Part one..

Question 01: A memorable animal in a horror movie:

an obvious choice to a easy question – the “deer-deadite” in Evil Dead II was, and in many ways still is, one of the weirdest but most entertaining animals in a horror film.

Question 02: One of your earliest encounters with the horror genre:

I remember when I first sawThir13en Ghosts. It was during a friend’s 12th birthday..and we watched it in the day time, because there was a time when this movie was considered scary to me, okay? [but there were boobies in the movie, which 12 year old Warren seemed to be half-okay with..]

Question 03: A favorite saw [or chainsaw] scene:

arguably one of my more recent favorite zombie films, Død Snø had some fantastic effects, especially the casual nods to other horror films, all while staying original in it’s own right [runner up – Evil Dead]

Question 04: A great horror movie doctor:

Mainly cause how absolutely fucked he looks and acts, but Doctor Satan from House Of 1000 Corpses is creepy as hell – which I totally appreciate.

Question 05: Favorite horror director:

although I could choose a dozen directors: Guillermo del Toro is brilliant. there’s just no contest when it comes to his specific style.

Question 06: Your favorite movie by your favorite director:

Oddly enough, Pan’s Labyrinth was something I was debating on watching the other day, considering I can never get enough of this film.

Question 07: A great hero:

can I just throw The Evil Dead back into this challenge? cause it’s probably going to come up a lot: Ash is easily my favorite hero!

Question 08: Best comedy-horror:

Shaun Of The Dead. I absolutely love Edgar Wright and this film is no exception. I can watch it a thousand and one times and still notice something new about the film! 100/10

Question 09: A boring horror movie:

Children Of The Corn is a film that I love the premise of, but can never finish: it’s a slow burner for sure, but it’s a slow burner – as in, yawn!

Question 10: Favorite classic horror movie:

Frankenstein has always been fascinating to me, to the point where I actually want to get a portrait of the above photo tattooed! The story, the acting, and the videography is just splendid. In fact, all the classic monsters are pretty bad-ass!

So ends the first part to Round 2 of a newer horror challenge.  the second part will most likely be posted on Sunday, since I’m working [24 hours of on call!] tomorrow. Be aware that part two will consist of questions #11 to #20, and then the finale will have #21 to #30! Join me then for more fun horror questions, with my obscure responses! For even more fun, join me over on Facebook by hitting that “like” button and telling your family and friends to do that exact same thing!!



  1. nice choices even though i love Del Toro films i would have to go with George A Romero and Dawn of the Dead,
    Doctor i would go – Repo Man from Repo! the Genetic Opera (Guilty pleasure)
    horror comedy i would be picking from either Dead Snow or Kill Zombie (i personally hate Shaun of the Dead)
    as for boring horrors how much time have you got, but i will go new Ouija


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