Horror Movie Challenge: round two [part 2]

picking up where we left off on Friday, today’s portion of the Horror Movie Challenge [if you missed part 1, click here]  will be answering ten more questions from the list, making our way closer and closer to the finale: question 30. As I’ve said before, this is an opinion piece so feel free to disagree, or even argue points I’ve made about certain films. So let us begin, with question #11, after the jump..

Question 11: Most psychotic killer:

Frank Zito from the original Maniac was pretty damn scary. From his motives, to the way he scalped the women, he was ruthless! [Elijah Wood was pretty weird in his own way in the remake of the film!]

Question 12: The goriest movie you’ve seen:

Another obvious choice, with Peter Jackson’s: Dead Alive [or “BrainDead”] taking the spot. Even the film’s DVD cover mentions it as “the goriest fright-fest of all time”. If that doesn’t say something, I don’t know what will..

Question 13: Favorite foreign horror:

While some will argue that this is more “thriller”, I SAW THE DEVIL is fucking extreme in it’s quality, it’s story telling, and the visuals are mind numbing! Unfortunately, like all good foreign films, there is talk of an “American-ized” remake..[should I even remind you of the Oldboy remake?!] 

Question 14: The cheesiest horror you’ve ever seen:

the cheesiest of all the cheese has to go to Birdemic: Shock & Terror. I don’t even have to say anything about it’s “scariness” other than it’s 1.8 rating on IMDb – or rather, just watch the clip below: decide for yourselves and let me know what you think in a comment! [I am so sorry for putting you through this clip.. it’s beyond laughable!]

Question 15: A great 80’s horror movie:

The Thing is a film I like to mention when a friend or a family member is starting to try to “get into horror films”. It’s gory, it’s got fantastic special effects, and the ending still has people talking.. and that is how to make a good story!

Question 16: Great indie horror:

whether you love it or hate it, Behind The Mask: The Rise Of Leslie Vernon was brilliance at it’s finest. I’m one of the few [of my friends] that actually really liked this movie, and are still broken up over a lack of sequel..

Question 17: Favorite horror franchise:

Probably one of the first franchises I watched continuously to the point of [slightly] growing tired of it: the Nightmare On Elm Street films are some of my absolute favorites – well, except that remake.. [runner up: SAW series]

Question 18: A movie people hate that you love:

While admittedly, it wasn’t a fantastic film; Stay Alive is an absolute guilty pleasure film of mine, mainly due to memories being attached to it. That, and being a gamer, I totally would have a blast with this “game”. [plus, you can’t possibly tell me that you didn’t think Sophia Bush was hot in this film]

Question 19: A movie that disappointed you:

Unfortunately, ABC’s Of Death was a film with an awesome premise/concept, but was executed terribly. I can’t judge the film too hard though, since I haven’t seen the sequel yet.

Question 20: A great twist ending:

Another case of “is it really considered ‘horror’ though?”, Se7en is a great film that everyone should see at least once. Any villain that is willing to get killed as part of his “plan”, is pretty damn great as far as I can see. [SPOILER ALERT: if you really want to know what was in that box, it was a head]

That’s two parts down, and one more to go. join me tomorrow when I publish the finale to this challenge, and from there – we’re back to regular postings. I hope you enjoy reading my responses as much as I enjoy writing the answers. What would you put for some of the questions? let me know in a comment, or over on Facebook. While you’re over there, why not hit the “like” button? It would a million, and by doing so; you’re getting access to posts/pictures not featured on the actual website!



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