the GORIEST fright-fest of ALL time: Dead Alive [AKA] Brain Dead [1992]

goriest-fright-filmWho would have imagined that back in 1992, there would be a film director who made only really made cult movies would get himself the popularity and the stature in the movie world he has today? Surprisingly, this is exactly the case with famed director Peter Jackson, who back then brought the world this ridiculously gory, somewhat horrific, but yet hilarious film known as Braindead, or as I know it as: Dead Alive. If you seem to recognize the name Peter Jackson, it’s probably because he’s mainly known for directing The Lord Of The Rings [and the more recent] Hobbit trilogies.

Our story begins In 1957, where a zoologist traps a rare “Sumatran Rat-Monkey” on Skull Island and decides to bring it back home with him to New Zealand. Meanwhile – in present day, a young man named Lionel falls for a woman named Paquita, and decides to take his young lover to the zoo. Unfortunately, Lionel‘s overbearing and disapproving mother follows them there and gets herself bitten by the infamous rat-monkey! [who just happens to be in the zoo]  When the monkey’s bite turns her into a flesh-eating zombie, her son has no choice but to keep her [and the eventual other zombies she’s bitten] tranquilized and in the basement all while trying to preserve his love life!

probably the most bad-ass poster for DEAD ALIVE [from Japan]

Dead Alive is not a scary movie in the slightest, but don’t worry.. for what it lacks in scares, it makes up for in gore: a lot of gore. Like the title of this post suggests, it’s been called the goriest fright-fest ever, and that isn’t said or meant lightly: I mean, a whopping 300 liters of fake blood was used in the final scene of the film alone, shooting out as fast as 5 gallons per second! [if you’ve seen the film, you know what scene I’m talking about. If not, I’ll be bringing it up below!] If that’s not enough to consider it gory enough, Eli Roth [who we know as the writer/director of Hostel] once said this film was one of, if not the only film that actually “quenched his ever lasting blood-lust”.

“heeeeeere’s baby!”

As I said above, the final scene is probably the goriest thing that comes to mind when I think “splatter-fest”, since it involves a ton of zombies.. and a fucking lawnmower! [you read that right]  The best way to explain the scene is like this: by this point in the film, pretty well everyone at this rate is a zombie, [everyone except Lionel and Paquita] and as a way to stop [most of] the zombies, Lionel gets the brilliant idea of bringing a lawnmower to the show; which he actually ends up doing, and the end result is fucking glorious! Check out this scene – in full – down below!

It’s violent, it’s gory, and it’s over the top zombie fun! Dead Alive is a great horror flick that can probably appeal to everyone; [at least in one way or another] even to the seasoned horror fan!! [I haven’t even mentioned the baby scenes, which I showed quickly above: breaking out of Rita‘s face!]  If you like your zombies, your funny quips/quotes, and you like your bloodier, gorier films: make sure you check this film out [although it might be hard to find!] and I promise, you won’t be disappointed!

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