It’s no surprise that I have a little something called coulrophobia. I link it all the way back to my childhood when a clown thought of laughing directly in my face, which turned me right away from the very thought of them. Through the magic world of [horror] film, the fear is still present; what with clowns like Pennywise in Stephen King‘s It being the first that comes to mind. Hell, there was even I time that I wrote about some of the clowns in horror that don’t scare me – back when I first started warrenisweird. [read the whole article] One set of “klowns” on this list were from today’s review: Killer Klowns From Outer Space. [yes, that’s with a “k”] The film, generally speaking, is considered a horror; but it’s fairly campy, and a definite cult-classic. Although the klowns are pretty scary, at least to us with coulrophobia, the cheesiness of the film make the klowns special to me.. both in the way that they are portrayed, and the originality of the film as a whole.

The film opens up during the evening in a small town, [which isn’t named] when suddenly, an alien spaceship – which could have been mistaken for a comet – shoots over the night sky. Enter two of the main characters: Mike and Debbie, who happen to be out on their first date, who decide to go and investigate the “comet” they saw fly over their head! It isn’t until they arrive at what appears to be a circus tent, that they discover the ones that came from outer space and are hiding inside.. And those inside just happen to be aliens.. that look exactly like clowns. These “klowns” have come to Earth to secretly kill humans with their circus-themed weapons; everything from “popcorn guns” to a balloon animal dog [on a leash of course] – to smell out the humans! Mike and Debbie, along with a fellow Police Officer, take it upon themselves to stop these KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE, or we’re all doomed to be killed or worse: eaten!

The really fantastic thing about this movie is how original it is, both in plot and death scenes: as I said above, the klowns use circus-like weapons, such as their popcorn guns, or even throwing pies in the people’s faces! [which actually melt the person in question!] Although, with all their sorts of weapons, my favorite scene still stands with the shadow puppet T-Rex eating the people at the bus stop – both for it’s creativity, and knowing that something so simple and innocent can lead to a movie sequence like no other! [as seen below:]

they just don’t make movies like this anymore..

truth be told, Killer Klowns is a fairly difficult movie to do a review on, mainly because of how special of a film it is: It has an insane cult fan-base, which can be proven by trying to find the movie for sale – without ordering it, a ton of toys based on the film, [which tend to be extremely pricey] and because of this fucking awesome shirt! [writer’s note: my birthday is on the 23rd of this month if anyone wants to order it for me!]

Well, it’s a definite given fact that you’ll be met with blank stares and confusion if you try and explain what this film has to offer to anybody who hasn’t seen it before, so do yourself [and others] a favor: pop yourselves a big bucket of popcorn, grab some cotton candy [though, maybe not the cotton candy from the movie..] and sit your friends all down in front of the TV. From there: just sit back, relax and take in the obscurity that is Killer Klowns From Outer Space!


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