so I FINALLY saw ABCs Of Death 2.. [OR] “Some People Never Learn”

ABCsOfDeath2Oh ABCs Of Death.. I wanted so badly to like you; what with your concept of 26 different Directors with their 26 different short horror stories. But by the end of the film, I quickly realized that of all the shorts I was presented with, I only really enjoyed five of them.. You were brave with your efforts, even courageous with some of the things you were willing to show on screen. [I’m not one for animal cruelty – I’m looking at you: “P is for PRESSURE”!] But alas, I was not overly impressed with the end result.. So when I heard about a sequel, aptly called ABCs Of Death 2, I was obviously nervous; how could I enjoy a sequel to a movie I didn’t like? With the movie hitting Netflix recently, I decided for myself that it was time to finally find out if the wrongs of the first film, could actually be corrected in this sequel:

in short,  ABCs Of Death 2 shocked me. Like, actually took me by surprise! and yes, I mean this in the most positive way. Unlike it’s predecessor, this sequel was actually [overall] a decent film. Sure, I wasn’t a fan of every “short film” in it, but the Directors’ choice for each word, and even the direction the film took – actually “worked” together this time around; It felt more consistent. It’s like the first film was an almost “trial run” and that this sequel was their response – now knowing how to make a film like this work as a whole.

Below, I will be posting each letter and what it stood for in the movie, Unfortunately, as it would probably take up a thousand more words, and a ton of more time, I will not be explaining each short. However, if you’re curious as to what each short is about, you can always read this article which will explain each short in greater detail then I ever could here.

A is for Amateur:

B is for Badger:

C is for Capital Punishment:

D is for Deloused:

E is for Equilibrium:

F is for Falling:

G is for Grandad:

H is for Head Games:

I is for Invincible:

J is for Jesus:

K is for Knell:

L is for Legacy:

M is for Masticate:

N is for Nexus:

O is for Ochlocracy [mob rule]:

P is for P-P-P-P SCARY!:

Q is for Questionnaire:

R is for Roulette:

S is for Split:

T is for Torture Porn:

U is for Utopia:

V is for Vacation:

W is for Wish:

X is for Xylophone:

Y is for Youth:

Z is for Zygote:

[taken from “W is for Wish”]

Overall, if you couldn’t already tell, my overall opinion of ABCs of Death 2 is definitely a positive one: much more than the first film. Assuming they aren’t already planning it, I would love to see a third installment, as long as the same style and the same variety is kept the same as this sequel. Did you see the movie ABCs Of Death 2? How did you like it? Did you prefer it over the first film? Or was it still too “WTF” for your tastes? Let me know in a comment or two!

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