FORGET chainsaws or knives: THESE torture tools SHOULD be in horror films


Whether we deny it, or just don’t know it; The idea of torturing another person has been around since 530 AD when the great Roman jury supported the idea of torture as being “the highest form of truth”. Defined: Torture is known as the act of deliberately inflicting severe physical [or psychological] pain and possibly even permanent injury to a person, usually to one who is physically restrained. In most cases, the person is under the torturer’s control and therefore, unable to defend themselves against what is being done to him or her. Torturous methods are usually carried out by individuals or groups, and have been throughout history in ancient times to even modern day! Forms of torture also vary greatly in duration from only a few minutes to several days [and sometimes even longer!] The reason[s] for torture can include punishment, revenge, political re-education, interrogation or even coercion of the victim[s]!

Then you get the movies – specifically movies like SAW [for seven movies, with an eighth coming] which we’ve seen multiple different Jigsaw “traps”. While unique in their own right, the classic traps from medieval times make John Kramer‘s traps look like child’s play! Thankfully, “torture devices” in film allow the movie’s special effects departments to creatively figure out the best ways to slaughter people the most over the top way’s possible; by keeping the torture scenes, and their devices, where they belong – in the movies.

Below I have included a list of some of the more intense torture devices of that were actually used on people back in the day.. and yes, while they were used to “torture”, many resulted in death. View at your own risk!

The Breast Ripper:

The Breast Ripper was a device used on adulterous women; the end was heated by an intense flame – it was then that each “claw” was pierced through the soft tissue, resulting in spreading apart the flesh to tear and “shred” the breasts away from the body. If the woman didn’t die, she was certainly scarred for life.

The Heretic’s Fork:

a collar which contained “forks” on each end of the device. One end was to be placed on the chest bone while the other was positioned under the chin. [as seen in the picture to the right] The idea behind it was to have the sharp metal forks pierce the lower portion of the jaw and then skewer through the tongue [and mouth] if the victim’s head were to drop from being tired of being lifted up for too long..

The Scavenger’s Daughter:

A large metal hoop was used in order to “encase the victim at the knees and back”. Slowly, the device was to be tightened in order to squeeze the person until blood flowed from the mouth, nose and other orifices.

The Saw:

Sometimes, an elaborate device like the ones above aren’t necessary – sometimes, all you need is a SAW. this method involved stringing people upside down with ropes as the torturers used a giant saw to bisect the victim down the middle.

The Iron Maiden:

Oddly enough, this device is said not to have ever been used! The idea behind it was that a person would stand inside where large metal spikes were lining the back of the device. [and on the inside of the front door] As the victim stood inside, the door was closed shut – forcing the individual to step back and impale themselves while the spikes came at them from the front. [Some variations of The Iron Maiden had a head piece that contained two larger metal spikes positioned at eye level. This was so when the front end is closed, these two spikes would then pierce into the skull and through the eye sockets!]

Although torture was a very real aspect of our history, it also shows us how much we have evolved and how we’ve become more civilized since those times. Although it may still sometimes happen in other countries, we as horror movie fans must understand the difference between art and reality, leaving the torture to the films. Thankfully, these five devices are no longer in use; mainly because of their intense “teaching” methods! What “tool” did you find the most interesting? Did you enjoy learning about them – or were you already aware of all five? let me know in a comment or two!

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