Finally: something new to look at in regards to the highly anticipated sequel to the 2012 sleeper hit horror movie: Sinister. Unlike most people I talk to, I actually enjoyed the first Sinister film, [I even wrote my thoughts about it over here] I loved it’s angles, it’s creepy kids, even Buhguul – he wasn’t like a typical horror monster to me. In my first post about Sinister, I talked about how it would make sense that there would be a sequel, since the 8mm tapes were still in the attic by the end of the film; making the film a cliff-hanger of sorts. Well, in typical horror movie fashion – we’re getting a Sinister II. Finally! Naturally, it’s still early, so we don’t know much though about Sinister II but an important note is that we do know that it’ll appear in theaters on August 21st, with an official trailer debuting on April 9th. [this upcoming Thursday – only two days away!]

kids are still creepy aren’t they?

We have a synopsis as well which proves that this sequel will take place after the first film, without any of the original characters returning. [sorry Ethan Hawke fans!] I don’t want to assume it takes place immediately after the first film, but the story of this sequel is as following:

“In the aftermath of the shocking events in Sinister, a protective mother and her 9-year-old twin sons find themselves in a rural house marked for death as the evil spirit of Buhguul continues to spread with frightening intensity.”

The most important ‘clue’ we have so far about the film is that at WonderCon 2015, we were given a very short clip [roughly 15 seconds long] showing what seems to be expected from the film’s trailer. This clip, courtesy of Blumhouse Productions and Focus Features, reportedly scared the event’s attendees; which I’ll take as a positive reaction! [since we are talking about a horror film] The title card, which is the first picture of this post, was also revealed. Check out the clip that was revealed at the WonderCon below!

Based on what we saw in the clip above, I’m really hoping for the film to be as extreme and as entertaining, as the first Sinister. I say this because: we’re getting a new director, only one of the original writers is returning, and I felt like the clip had something to do with Children Of The Corn! [just me, anyone?] I just hope that the actual trailer shows that it isn’t changing the film’s formula/story. I’m also hoping for more information about Buhguul, and how he’s a Deity of Darkness; kidnapping kids at every opportunity to make them his own.

Of course the real question is how do you feel about a sequel to Sinister? Are you excited? or more concerned for what’s to come next? Let me know in a comment or two, either here, or on Facebook. Now please excuse me, as I prepare to re-watch the first film, since now I want to prepare for the Sinister 2 trailer coming up on Thursday..

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