‘IT FOLLOWS’ is the most UNSETTLING film I’ve seen in a long time

I didn’t know anything about this film when it was first announced – I knew it by title, and I had even seen the first trailer.. But ultimately, it told me nothing, and raised a few questions: what was It? why was It Follow-ing that girl? It told me zero about the film; which got my attention more. After working every time I planned to see it, to not being able to find it in a theater nearby [had to take a bus 45 minutes, nearing the highway exit to Montreal]a friend and I finally went and saw the suspenseful masterpiece known as It Follows.

It Follows comes off as an obvious nod to late 70s to early 80s movies, and it is insanely well done. It’s cinematography could be considered masterful, the plot is brilliant, the FANTASTIC music that sounds like it’s out of Suspiria , [oh god, that music though: it’s perfect] and even the fact that it’s actors were people that I didn’t recognize – It’s all something I really enjoyed.. as in it really well thought out before bringing the film to the screens! The film was eerie, suspenseful, and best of all – real.

Our story begins with a [fairly attractive] girl by the name of Jay. It’s the beginning of fall; [early October, I’d say] so you’d think life should be about going school, meeting boys and weekends out with friends.. But, after a somewhat innocent sexual encounter with her older boyfriend, she finds herself haunted by strange visions and the dreadful sense that someone, or possibly something, [it] follows her everywhere she goes: and follows her it does..

While it felt somewhat obvious that the “big bad” in this film was an STD, [STI ?] and David Robert Mitchell, the director/writer, did an amazing job at keeping this “villain” hidden in plain sight. At times, the camera wouldn’t even be focused on two characters talking, but to an unknown individual in the background – it’s subtlety, and it’s key in this film. It’s like Hugh [the asshole boyfriend who “passes” the evil along to Jay in the movie] said: “It could look like someone you know or it could be a stranger in a crowd. Whatever helps it get close to you.” We’re quite literally told what “it” is, but through common knowledge, not through the movie: and I like that; subtlety. I could have gone into how she tries to pass it on to others [who end up dead afterwards] and how her sister and her friends try to help her come to terms with everything by “fighting the villain” but that’s something you’d have to see the movie for; it’s important, don’t get me wrong, but that’s not really the point I wanted to bring across in this post..

The other cool thing about It Follows is that for a film that was done so well,  it surprisingly it only had a two million dollar budget, which for films these days, that’s nothing. It Follows is absolutely nuts and deserves the praise I read all over the internet beforehand. It’s not so much horror – since I wouldn’t say it’s scary – but it’s more more suspense, and unsettling very unsettling: with every camera shot, every view from Jay, watching this film makes you feel involved – like no matter what you do, no matter what happens: you’re trapped in this world of evil. It ends on kind of  a cliffhanger; showing that for all we know – the evil hasn’t left. and that realistically- knowing what the evil is- it never really will.. Of course, this helps make it feel depressingly real. But you know what? I liked that fact. I like that it may be “okay” for Jay, coming to terms with it by the end of the film- but that doesn’t mean that this “villain” doesn’t exist elsewhere.. It Follows is getting a sequel, I know that much for sure: whether or not it’ll play out the same, or if it’s following someone new; is left to the writer. In short, watch this movie – watch it and feel unsettled..feel what Jay felt – and be in agony afterwards. Be advised though, this is not a feel good movie.

This is what a suspense film should feel like.

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    1. I totally agree! I found it was terrifying in the atmosphere it had going. It wasn’t so much a “gore-flick” but something more…we DEFINITELY need more films like this. [THANKS FOR THE COMMENT!]


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