Oh, Mom – You were the woman who held us in your womb for nine [long] months. You are the woman who fed us and shushed us when we cried.. But unlike these Mothers; you seem to have actually cared.  Unlike the ones in horror films and TV shows that have gone and given us a look at the dark side of motherhood over the years.. It’s kind of strange in it’s own right: there’s no horror film called “Father’s Day” ? But yet there are many that revolve around vicious killer Moms. Because I have to work tomorrow, here’s my Mother’s Day post – my top 5 mothers in horror.

NOTE: Amelia from The Babadook was going to make this list, but I felt that since I already wrote up a post on the film, I’d set her aside. Be sure to read that post, over here.


They’re all going to laugh at you if you think that Piper Laurie as Carrie‘s mother isn’t the most extreme holier-than-thou mother I’ve seen in a while, making her one of the most frightening parents in horror history. She has a notoriously bad habit of abusing her daughter, proven by the fact that she’s under the impression that her very existence is wretched sin! Margaret even goes so far as to force her to recite certain passages from the Bible,  lock her in a closet, and endlessly torments her until she finally fights back with her telekinetic powers.. Well, she did have it coming after all this..right?


Anyone who calls themselves a horror fan knows that in the original Friday The 13th, Jason wasn’t the killer [yet] but rather, his mother. According to the plot of the film, Mrs. Voorhees was furious about the oversexed teens who neglected her son as he ultimately, drowned in the nearby Camp [Crystal] Lake. That grin is as terrifying as any old hockey mask!


Like Jason before him, we learn in the fifth installment of his famous series that Freddy also had a mother of importance. We learn that during her time as a nun, Amanda Krueger is locked inside the Westin Hills Asylum with dozens upon dozens of inmates, where she is raped, repeatedly, which ends in her pregnancy. She does give Freddy up for adoption and tries to follow him from a “safe” distance, and to her credit, she even tries to stop him, but realistically, trying to defeat a boogeyman that haunts your dreams is a nearly impossible task; even if you are a woman with divine connections..


Watch out for those neighbors. It doesn’t help when you find yourself living in a questionable apartment building where strange events seem to occur almost daily and suspicious people give weirder explanations for those events. Then you get Rosemary and her husband, who become players in the plans of what seems to be a Satanic cult! In the movie, Rosemary has what she believes to be a dream of being raped by a demonic being..except it wasn’t  a dream!


you can’t say you didn’t expect this one on the list: when I think mothers in horror, Psycho is bound to be the first film you would probably think of.  We hear her speaking to him the whole film until we learn that Mother was more or less “created” by Norman’s psychotic cross dressing episodes; Only to be horrifyingly revealed as a skeletal corpse stashed away, fully clothed and all in the cellar!

With so many Mothers being so vicious, it’s a wonder any of these people prospered..albeit – into killers – but still. If there’s any lesson to learn today, it’s that even if your Mother grounded you as a child, she’s not nearly as bad as someone who asked you to kill for her, or at least she didn’t lock you in a closet! Which horror Mom do you think is the scariest? is it Mrs. White? Or do you sympathize with Mrs. Krueger, seeing as it’s technically not her fault that Freddy turned out the way he did? Let me know in a comment or two below or on Facebook!

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[Mother’s Day Horror by chrisraimoart]

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