By The Power Of Magic, THE CRAFT Is Getting Remade

If there’s one trend that seems to be sticking around lately, it’s rebooting a film, remaking a film, or making unnecessary sequels. This news is no different than that, because it’s official: Sony Pictures is set to remake the 90s witch-centric cult hit The Craft and according to The Hollywood Reporter, it’s has already found it’s director. Leigh Janiak, who is probably best known for her surreal horror Honeymoon, is set to write and direct this new version of the movie. The original film, which came out in 1996, had Robin Tunney play as the newest member of a group of school outcasts. Together, the four women begin to dabble in the dark arts of witchcraft, using magic to get back at bullies and the “bad boys”.

Obviously, It’s too early to tell, so it’s not fully clear just how faithful this remake will be, but as we saw in her last movie, Janiak certainly knows how to build supernatural tension. Based on Honeymoon, I’m sure she’ll also be able to handle the kind of snappy and witty dialog that comes with a high school-aged coven of girls. Apparently, Sony has faith in the project, because according to same article above, The Hollywood Reporter, she had impressed Sony executives with her take on “a female empowerment tale” . It must have taken some fighting to get finally get it remake though, because The Craft was supposed to be remade back in 2006, and then [the project] died in 2008. By the power of witchcraft, it’s been resurrected..again.

[I don’t even care, Fairuza Balk is still an absolute babe. just me? anyone?]

I’m just trying to wrap my head around a remake of the film though, It’s not exactly necessary. [granted, what remake really is?] To this day, I feel the original film still holds up, but maybe that’s my nostalgic mind talking- It wasn’t a bad film per se, it was an entertaining 90’s teen flick – it’s just important to remember that is exactly what it is: a teen flick. If you were to go into The Craft hoping for method-acting or some extreme character development, you’re going to be disappointed. Because that’s not what the film is about: but rather, is about peer pressure, how cruel teenagers can really be, and the power-trips given off by catholic witches. If you weren’t aware though, there was even a few complaints brought against this movie when it was first released by actual practicing Wiccans, who had stated that it gives the false impression that Wiccans engage only in “bad” magic, as we see the girls in the movie putting curses and spells on their enemies.. and with all the “hipster witches” of today’s societies, I feel that we’re bound to get some sort of complaint[s] when this version of The Craft comes out as well..

[Oh Nancy, you are my kind of lady ♡]

Clearly, this is an interesting choice for a remake, it seems like an unnecessary choice, but I’m sure we can all agree that lately, Hollywood hasn’t really had any original ideas to work with; with a few exceptions of course. How do you feel about The Craft getting remade? Are you curious, or just plain worried for the outcome? Who would you cast in the girls’ roles? Let me know in a comment or two.  Also, if you found yourself to enjoy this piece, please take a minute and follow me over on Facebook where you can click the “like” button on my Facebook page. By clicking “like”, you’ll see every post from warrenisweird the very moment it’s been posted. I also share links and pictures that will not be featured here on the blog.  So be sure to tell the horror enthusiast in your life to do the same, and share the page with family and friends!



  1. Although I’ve never seen the original (I know, for shame) I have to agree with you on the remaking point, it seems like everything is getting a remake lately!
    From Goosebumps to Poltergeist, it’s like no one in Hollywood really likes thinking all that much anymore…
    That being said, the sad little child in me is kinda hoping for a Goosebumps revival

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    1. It’s true, it’s either a remake, a NEW sequel, or a “reimagining” lately. Specifically in horror. the problem is, because it’s such a norm, no one argues the point. [except us harder fans] Goosebumps IS getting a movie, with Jack Black actually if you weren’t aware :] with classic “scary monsters” like Slappy the Dummy! which I’m seeing because I’m a definite R.L Stine fan, ever since the beginning. ;]


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      1. Ha ha I made a stupid mistake in my comment
        I meant to say “Are You Afraid of the Dark” but wrote Goosebumps twice…idiot that I am…
        I did love Goosebumps, but AYAOTD has my childhood heart forever
        Apparently even the Orphange is getting remade, although Del Toro is still going to do it so…I guess that’s okay?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Haha AYAOTD is totally something I’d LOVE to see make a comeback [better be careful, knowing Hollywood that’s next!] And I heard about The Orphanage ! Thankfully Del Toro will be assisting 😉


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