It’s Okay: [2015] because guilt can be HAUNTING experience!

Have you ever felt like guilt is something of a heavy feeling? Something so heavy, that it’s weighing you down – and following you everywhere you go? That’s how the [unnamed] guy in It’s Okay probably feels. It’s a horror short [and I mean ‘short‘] – clocking in at only about 4 minutes – but the atmosphere is dark and gloomy [I like this..a lot] and for something that was made at home, it’s is an extremely polished [short] film. The Director: Alex Kline clearly puts his technical abilities on proud display for all to see. There’s only two actors in the entire film, but the dynamic between the two work [though I think the ‘man’ could have acted a little more scared..just my two cents!]

It’s clear that this short is influenced by J-horror, but It’s Okay feels very bare bones, and it doesn’t screw around – it’s short, it’s effective, it’s atmospheric and best of all; it gets to the point.. especially if it’s so short. After watching it two or three times over, you start to pick up on little hints of foreshadowing, especially the first shot – we need more of that in today’s film industry! I feel that foreshadowing, while still used, isn’t used effectively. Obviously there are exceptions, like my favorite example found in Shaun Of The Dead, when Ed reveals the whole plot of the movie – in a single sentence..though that’s getting a little off topic. What I’m trying to get at is It’s Okay is an interesting short horror film about a man’s take on guilt – everyone experiences it differently, and for different reasons; it’s just a matter of how you cope, or why you feel it.

I’m not saying that this short is the best thing I’ve seen, but I’m saying it’s effective in it’s atmosphere. It’s Okay boasts a crisp image and clear/smooth editing to help the brief feature fly right by, while still being memorable. There’s very little dialog, but that helps set the tone. If you’re interested in watching It’s Okay, it’s available [for free] on Youtube; or better yet – down below.

So now I turn to you, what are your thoughts on short films? Are they a fun way to keep yourself entertained? Or do you consider them a waste of time, and you prefer the longer, bigger budget-ed films? If you do like horror shorts, which is your favorite? Let me know your thoughts on horror shorts and It’s Okay in the comments, or over on social media: Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr .

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