WEIRDO’WEEN #11: Tucker And Dale VS Evil [2010]


writer’s note: I understand this was technically supposed to come out yesterday, but since I had my family had it’s Thanksgiving dinner last night, I had no choice but to wait until now for #11. Tonight, I will be writing up #12, and tomorrow morning will be #13; therefore, everything will be on track again.

Meet Tucker and Dale: two lovable hillbillies from West Virginia. They’re best friends and do everything together. This weekend, they are planning on headin’ to their “fixer-upper” vacation cabin [that Tucker just bought] to drink some beer, do some fishin’, and have an all around good time. Y’know, Hillbilly stuff.. I don’t know much about that lifestyle, but from what I gather; they’re pretty laid back people. But when they run into a group of preppy college kids who assume from their looks that they must be in-bred, chainsaw wielding killers, Tucker & Dale‘s vacation takes a bloody [and hilarious] turn for the worse..and that’s what our movie today is about: the unexpected situations that they fall into – even if all they wanted was a get away from society for a few days! As I shared on Facebook yesterday, today’s  movie review is on none other than Tucker and Dale VS Evil.

weirdo'ween-#11As I said, the movie revolves around two hilarious hillbillies: Tucker and Dale, who just want to have a weekend away from society at their “Vacation Home”. Shortly after they arrive, a group of College kids show up at a nearby camp and immediately wrongly assuming Tucker and Dale are psychotic rednecks out to murder them. [you know, because of course they are..] Considering that their property is filled with tools for renovations, such as chainsaws and a wood chipper, it’s not long before the comedy and gruesome carnage start, proving the line it blurs between horror and comedy! Like Shaun Of The Dead and Zombieland did for their respective genres, Tucker and Dale feels like it fits right in, being one of the funniest and surprising movies in recent years! [it was shelved for three years before it’s initial release..why it was, I’ll never know] One thing that makes it so entertaining, from a horror perspective is, the amount of mistakes that result in a lot of gory [and creative] deaths for the dim-witted college kids! I mean, one dives head first into the wood chipper while trying to stab Tucker! [and because he tries to pull the kid out, it looks like he’s pushing him farther in! Yeah, comedy gold, kids!]

But what makes this movie special is the obvious relationship between Tucker and Dale themselves. The two are sweet, helpful, and hopelessly clueless guys who are only involved because of the disaster that the College kids created around them.. One message that certainly comes across loud and clear [yet, subconsciously at the same time] is that appearances can be deceiving and that you shouldn’t judge a proverbial book by the cover.. Because people are still their own individuals and not just the stereotypes they portray. That’s right, Tucker and Dale VS Evil comes with a lesson to be learned!

The movie actually has a lot to say about stereotypes, and not just the ones I mentioned above. But it also mentions how people project onto others those stereotypes, and their own inner “dark sides” come about based on those stereotypes. Being as it’s also a horror film, there is definitely blood and gore involved, but the violence is presented in such a comedic way, you almost laugh when it comes’s not scary in the slightest. I remember the first time I watched it [Netflix!] and thought: this is surprisingly, a really good movie. It’s depressing to think [and realize] that we probably won’t be getting a sequel, but if enough of us protest..maybe? [I really want a sequel, guys..]

So please, check out Tucker and Dale VS Evil; it’s funny, it’s gory,  but most of all – it has heart. It’s unfortunate that it wasn’t recognized as much, but it may be because of the fact that it didn’t get a wide-spread release! [tell everyone about it!] What makes the film so much fun is the stereotyping it picks at, and the hilarious deaths make it all the more worthwhile. Even without a chance at sequel, [though, if one did appear I’d be happy!] it’s a fun film for everyone – even if you aren’t that into horror as a genre.

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