“Ash VS Evil Dead” is GROOVY! [episode 1: El Jefe review]

ASHVSTVLet’s be honest: every horror fan should be at least aware of The Evil Dead and it’s crazy antics from movies, to comic books, to TV series? It’s a cult classic, and it has not one, but two sequels: both that are some of the most entertaining horror films out there. After the end of Army Of Darknesswhich is technically Evil Dead 3 – there was even talks of a fourth movie! However, it ended up never coming out. Instead, we got a movie that became the 2013 remake, which was still a fantastic film! [taking away the humor, and making it full fronted horror!] Now, they opted to do a TV series with Bruce Campbell back as Ash, and although it’s been a while, it’s good to have the King himself back at the wheel of what I will always consider his franchise. So today, after finally watching it [even if it did premiere on Halloween] I’m going to be talking about Ash VS Evil Dead: episode 1.

yeah – this buffoon..

Directed by original Evil Dead creator Sam Raimi, this first episode of Ash VS Evil Dead is exactly what Evil Dead fans had been waiting for. It’s funny, it’s bloody as hell, and you get yourself more Bruce Campbell then you ever thought you needed; it’s perfect.

Of course, Since this is technically taking place 30-ish years after Army Of Darkness, a lot has changed in the Evil Dead movie and TV world, so some fans might find themselves to be disappointed with the end result, but myself; I think that we are in for something special with this series. An almost expanded look at the mythology of what the Evil truly is in the term “Evil Dead.”

This series premiere starts off as you would probably imagine: Ash being his old lazy, sexy [and maybe a little bit larger than life, if you get my meaning] self, working in a little store [ValueMart, no longer S-Mart] and just watching as the days pass him by. But, in true Evil Dead fashion, things don’t take long to go wrong – once again, all because of Ash – and the Deadites are coming back.. with only vengeance on their mind! We get some nice homages to the old movies, some intense Ash VS Deadite action, and typical over the top situations. Also, Ash; a lot older Ash, which makes you wonder why it took so long to have him back. It felt great to have Bruce Campbell back in the role I fell in love with him in, and with all the hints and nods to the classic films, it really made me appreciate what this series is beginning to set up. I would say this should have come sooner, but I’m glad they waited to get it right, and with newer forms of “evil” present, [see the GIF below] and new friends to help Ash along the way to stop the Evil, I think we’re in for something special with Ash VS Evil Dead – especially if after one episode, they’ve already renewed it for a second season!

even if we haven’t seen this guy yet – other than in the trailer – I’m excited to learn just who – or what – he is!

Seriously though, this first episode is a blast to watch, if not nearly perfect! I’m just hoping the level of intensity it had keeps up throughout this entire season, which with Bruce Campbell at the helm, I’m sure it will.

So, I know I say it a lot but if you’re a fan of Evil Dead and/or Bruce Campbell PLEASE check out Ash VS Evil Dead. It’s just so much fun to watch, and it’s bound to be something to keep on eye on – especially as horror fans. I know it’s on Starz, which may make it difficult, but fear not! I got you covered: because of the huge positive response it received, Starz media is actually streaming the first episode for free on their website over here[if that link struggles, try this one. just make sure you change the quality to 480p for best results] so do yourself a solid and watch it. You won’t be disappointed!

so is Ash VS Evil Dead worth catching on Starz? Well, if you can’t tell by my positive response above, I’d say the show is shaping up to be something pretty damn groovy. I simply cannot for episode two to come this Saturday, which I’ll be sure to be watching before heading out to work, though I’ll no doubt be raving about it to everyone!

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