“The Littlest Deadite” : a Children’s Story based on ‘Evil Dead II’

Like many horror fans, artist Sean Hughes is a big fan of the Evil Dead film series. Like all of us, he no doubt probably believes that these movies are highly entertaining, with some of them offering a few scares and definitely a damn near endless supply of blood and gore in order to satisfy even the hardened horror fan.

But what about the people that want to share those kinds of experiences with their younger children or siblings? I’m not talking about 9 or 10 year olds, but even younger: The ones that you are still tucking into bed, who are barely out of their strollers; the ones that you plan to read a bedtime story to every night. Well luckily for us, that’s where Hughes comes to the rescue, with his latest story, which he calls: The Littlest Deadite.

Although technically not available in book-form, [which if it was, I’d be all over the idea of buying a copy!] Hughes has put together his own take on Evil Dead II by drawing and creating an almost “child friendly” version of the movie’s plot, giving it an adorable – yet still faithful to the original story – creepy twist to what we could have expected if Evil Dead was rated G.

Although you can’t expect to find Ed [above] or even Ash in The Littlest Deadite, it features a new, unnamed Deadite who wants to find himself a soul to swallow, and his wandering adventures as he tries to find one. There’s definite throwbacks to Evil Dead which include the Oldsmobile, the [infamous] tree, and cabin from the film.

Now I know what you’re thinking: if this isn’t a book, [yet?] how am I supposed to read it? Luckily for you, I have you covered. Hughes actually posted the entire story online for free on his blog and it’s pretty damn exciting. I feel that there should even be a Kickstarter for it to become a book – in which case I’d buy it in a heart beat. However, for now, we have to deal with it being only an online ‘picture book’ of sorts. But, in order to save you the wall of pictures – ten in total – I found an album on Imgur which has all of them, in order for your reading convenience. I promise, it’s totally cute, and totally worth your time. [read The Littlest Deadite here]

yet another Deadite you shouldn’t expect to see in the story..

So now I look to you: what do you think of The Littlest Deadite? Is it the greatest ‘fan art’ you’ve seen in a long time? Or do you think Evil Dead should be left to the adult, horror fans? Let me know in a comment or two what you think.

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