Ash VS Evil Dead: Episode 03 review


A little while ago, I wrote about the first episode of Ash VS Evil Dead and how after one episode, I was hooked. [read that review over here!] As soon as the following episode went live [titled: “Bait”] I had to watch it, and I did. It was just as fun as the first episode, if not more so, and introduced us to a few more characters. I had meant to write a review on it, but unfortunately with work, and other personal matters coming first – as well as different posts – I decided to wait until now: the third episode. In my opinion thus far, Episode 03: Books From Beyond is the one of the best yet; and here’s why.

In the first episode, we’re shown that Ash has a business card for a store that calls itself Books From Beyond, which he calls and asks about “a particular book.” It turns out that Ash has been to this bookstore before, presumably when he first got the Necronomicon, and decides he needs to find an ‘undo button’ spell to stop the Deadites from becoming any worse than they already have been so far.


According to Lionel Hawkins, the ill-fated book store owner who translates the Necronomicon for Ash, the Book Of The Dead was written by an ancient group of evildoers called The Dark Ones[okay, that could have been a little more creative..] These not quite human, not quite demon entities made some spells that supposedly have the ability to open portals into Hell, and unleash demons into our world. As Hawkins puts it, “The book itself is harmless unless wielded by someone very evil, or very stupid.” I’ll give you three guesses which category our supposed “hero” falls into..

As a way of almost proving Hawkins‘ point, Ash‘s great plan to figure out why the Deadites are coming back is to release another one from the book, if only to ask it questions. [cause that makes sense. Good call Ash!] Our team of Ghost Beaters [Pablo‘s brilliant team name consisting of Ash, Kelly, and Pablo]  as well as our new book savvy friend Lionel, decide on a “minor, wimpy Deadite” [as Ash calls it] named Eligos who, as the Necronomicon claims,  is a “demon of the mind.” Which is proven when he can seemingly invade his enemies’ brain!


I really like Eligos‘ look. Very Hellraiser-esque.

Oh, and if you’re wondering about Amanda Fisher, the cop who was chasing Ash down in the last two episodes after her partner became a Deadite in episode 01 – she’s around too! She’s currently convinced Ash is deliberately causing the chaos that surrounds him. She guilts Kelly into freeing her from captivity to take him down right in the middle of the Deadite summoning, and not even the faceless Deadite, who seems to be defeated by smacking him with the Necronomicon, can change the her mind. As soon as the smoke clears, and Eligos is officially Eligone [I am so sorry..] she snaps her cop cuffs on our hero.. again! Fortunately, his detachable wooden hand comes in.. handy, I didn’t even mean for that joke to happen, and he just barely escapes.

With no other leads on anything, The Ghost Beaters ultimately decide that the best course of action is to find Pablo‘s Brujo: his uncle who also happens to be a Shaman. Will he help? I mean, according to Pablo in episode 01, they don’t really talk anymore, and it’s been a long time since they saw one another..

In short, Ash VS Evil Dead really exceeded my expectations. I was worried, and even a little weirded out by a TV series based on the films but it’s doing better and better with every episode. The pacing is great, the characters are fun, and even the over the top violence that is known from the series; it’s all really fun to watch! I do have one question for the series though: [which will eventually be answered] just who is Lucy Lawless‘ character? She seems to know a lot about Ash, the Necronomicon, and the Deadites themselves.. I guess we’ll have to wait to find out! She’s shown to have a seemingly magical dagger that seems reminiscent of The Kandarian Dagger from Evil Dead II..could this be important? It certainly seems to be!


Personally, I hope he comes back, I think he’s cute..

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