horror gaming: MARYSE


A few days ago, I was going through my email, unsubscribing to newsletters and websites I no longer use when I came across an email about an account I hadn’t thought of – let alone remembered – in a while: Newgrounds. If you’ve ever been on the site, you’ll quickly notice that it still looks the same, almost like a relic frozen in time. Naturally, I looked around the website, checked out a few flash animations, and ended up where I used to always end up: the flash games. Like the site itself, the games portal seems very much the same as it always was: minimalist formatting and categories on the left in a row.I went through a few games, but decided instead to see if I had any games “saved to my profile”. Sure enough, I had a few – six to be exact. One game, really stuck out to me: almost like it was familiar, but I couldn’t figure out why. This game was none other than Maryse. It’s a simple click-and-point game, and it’s also very short; but holy crap does it ever deliver in the scare factor. It’s atmosphere and dark colors make it feel kind of like a Silent Hill game.. if Silent Hill was in 16bit.

In the game, you play as Maryse Who is woken up on a stormy night by her a light on computer. [which she seems to have left on overnight] When you go over to it, she explains that she doesn’t remember leaving it on, but she quickly dismisses this notion when she notices she has a new message; from someone she doesn’t know. [the sender didn’t leave a name]

This message is somewhat bleak, only saying “They Are Coming For You.” Quickly dismissing it as a prank, Maryse decides to get a drink from her kitchen, probably to relax and go back to sleep, when she hears something – or someone – from behind her door. She calls out, but after getting no reply, she decides the best course of action is to hide in her closet. Good thing too, because this thing suddenly appears:


that’s…gross looking.

By this point in the game, I assumed that Maryse can see through the cracks in her closet, because after seeing…that, she decides she needs to leave her apartment.  She gets dressed and leaves through the door. [which looks a lot like Super Meat Boy] However, almost immediately after leaving, a note is seen pinned to the door, asking how she is. Also, it looks like it’s inked in blood! More scared than she already was, she heads for the elevator, when the monster [from the picture above] appears again, screeching at her. [headphones on full is probably a bad idea] She dashes into the elevator, if only to catch her breath. I swear her luck isn’t that great, because the elevator then breaks: causing her to hurt her head and end up in the basement of her building.

It’s from here you have to escape the basement, and ultimately: the building. I won’t describe how/what to do any further [I have to leave you some surprises afterall] in Maryse. Like I said above, it’s fairly short but but it’s definitely worth your time if you’re looking for a quick scare. The best part is that it’s a free-to-play game! If you’re a fan of horror and you grew up playing Super Nintendo, you’ll love the play style and the art design of Maryse. Does this game sound like something you’d like to try? CLICK HERE to play it and tell me in the comments what You thought of it. Also, one quick thing: I’m planning something new for this website. I’ve said it before and never ended up doing it but starting on Sunday, I am officially beginning this new segment – when it will reach the actual blog, I’m not sure yet. [time to edit, etc] I’ll explain more as it comes closer!

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