Deja Vu? Lionsgate OFFICIALLY begins Development on SAW VIII


If you’re a regular on warrenisweird, you’re probably feeling like we’ve talked about this before; and that’s because we have. Back in mid January, I talked about how Saw VIII was still possible, and now The Tracking Board has confirmed that Lionsgate is working on another sequel..and it’s official title is “Saw: Legacy“. This.. could mean anything. Remember, for fans of the series, Jigsaw‘s games came to a “close” with 2010’s Saw 3D [sometimes titledSaw: The Final Chapter”], which was considered the end of the franchise.. But if you remember, the final scene set up a world that could easily be expanded; especially because this “finale” didn’t answer all the questions that we were given. Considering Lionsgate hasn’t made a new Saw film in over six years, it’s clear that they took the time to take a breather from the series. I, along with countless other fans have talked abut the seventh Saw wasn’t…couldn’t… be the end, and as proof; the studio has even considered remaking Wan and Whannell’s original film – which is often called one of the most important horror films of all time. [or at the very least, of it‘s time]

The only weird part of all this is who is writing the story. It isn’t Wan or Whannell, or even one of the writers of the many sequels.. it’s actually going to be Josh Stolberg and Pete Goldfinger – who we know as the guys behind Sorority Row, Piranha 3D and Piranha 3DD! Naturally though – being as it’s their characters/original story-line – James Wan will executive produce this “new chapter” with Leigh Whannell at his side.


I always thought this ending was a cop-out – there’s no way it was the “finale”..

One of the things I always found most interesting about the Saw series is that it was meant to tell a single story across all the sequels. I mean, sure, it may have ended up a complex, and wild web of flashbacks, but at least it wasn’t just the same story over and over with a different cast every time. It did try to follow one big story and The Final Chapter did leave threads hanging for possible future contributions. At this point and time though, there’s no sense trying to guess at what Saw: Legacy will be, or what it’s trying to accomplish. Will it be a continuation? A reboot? Maybe a prequel showing John Kramer becoming Jigsaw? Nobody’s saying anything. But one thing’s pretty much certain: there will be blood.

I’m very curious what they’re going to with the franchise. I used to love the fact that every Halloween meant another Saw film, and now I feel they’ve been bled dry. [haha…sorry] But, seeing as they waited six years, and didn’t just churn out another film just to say they did, I’m thinking pretty far. Obviously, there’s no trailer, details, or even pictures that have surfaced [this news only became public in the last day] So, the next we’ll see a movie from James Wan will be The Conjuring 2, [June 10th, 2016] which I’m actually fairly excited for! But enough about me. What do You thing about yet another Saw film? Is this something that you’ve been hoping for? If so, what do you think is going to happen – a prequel? Sequel? Or maybe a reboot? Let me know in the comments below!

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    1. I ALMOST agree. I’m STRONGLY curious, I just don’t know what to expect. ;] I DO agree that enough is enough. [with ANY luck, it’ll open up to a BRAND NEW saga..ugh! haha]

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  1. This comes in great timing, I’m about to re watch the Final Chapter and I’ve found a whole new appreciation for it. I personally can’t wait – however they do it (as long as there’s blood)

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    1. people DO say “timing is everything” ;] and I agree! Even though I wasn’t a big fan of it, THE FINAL CHAPTER had itself [some] things that the others DIDN’T have, such as the JIGSAW survival group – I actually LIKED that idea, it made it [somewhat] more believable :]

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