Real Horror: BBC Presenter Cooks His Own Flesh [Just To See What It Tastes Like]


When you think of the word “cannibalism”, you probably think of zombies, or movies such as Cannibal Holocaust or The Green Inferno. It’s an odd concept – man eating man – that has been around for centuries. Even the Aztecs, who believed in the practice of eating another human, believed that by devouring their brethren; they would earn their “powers” or “abilities” in something that was more of a ritual, than a taboo. Cannibalism is one of those strange crimes that has always had the ability to physically turn stomachs as well as seem so incredibly disrespectful. For many people, it’s an absolutely sickening thought: eating another human being. But for others, there is a strange fascination when it comes to the thought of eating human flesh. Now before anyone jumps at me in the comments, I am in no way saying it’s okay or even promoting the idea of harming anyone in order to try and taste them. Instead, I’m here to talk about a BBC Presenter by the name of Greg Foot, and his Youtube video where he goes on a [personal] mission to discover what human flesh would actually taste like when it’s cooked. You read that correctly: BBC presenter Greg Foot cut out chunk of his own leg in the name of a taste test experiment. To begin this..”test”, Foot visited a local Doctor who took a biopsy of one of his quadriceps – located in the thigh- just so he could get it ready to cook and ultimately, eat.


[picture source: BBC]

As grim, and painful, as it sounds; Greg had a chunk of thigh removed and analyzed [by a food specialist] to learn more about the make up of the “meat” and it’s flavor. It was revealed that it was made up of the same type of muscle as chicken breast, as well as having a likeness to certain cuts of beef. Going even further, he then took the leg samples off to be analyzed to learn that his now cooked flesh smells ‘really meaty, a lot richer than pork or chicken. It smells a bit like beef and ale stew.’  BUT before we all get too excited – he didn’t actually eat the pieces from his leg. [wait, what?] Unsurprisingly, it is illegal to eat human flesh, even if it’s your own, so instead Greg worked off the smells he observed and made a composite burger out of similar flavors and the smells that were present.


[above: the actual “pieces” from Greg‘s biopsy]

Considering a total of 80% of the composition of the flavor is the smell, Greg cooked up a lamb, pork and beef burger to “mimic” what he imagined would be his own leg. Although it’s not technically his leg, it’s pretty close, which allows him to get as close to cannibalism as the law will allow. Greg was later quoted as saying: ‘I think that’s the closest I’ll ever get to eating human, and I tell you what – it’s pretty good.’ Now, the good part: above I mentioned how he did it for a Youtube video, and that was no exaggeration – I’ve included the video in this post, [I mean, why wouldn’t I?] and you’ll just have to tell me: given the chance, would YOU eat your own flesh? [At least, in the name of science] Let me know in the comments! So while it’s probably not what you expected, it goes to show that zombies might have the right idea when it comes to their preferred type of “meat.”


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